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trevor petersen

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does anyone know how i can get back issues of magazine articles featuring trevor petersen?
trevor was a BIG MOUNTAIN skier,one of the best, back in the 80's and 90's.
looking for any info at all.can't find any specifics on the net.

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try posting over in More Retro memories???? Lots of old magazine collections in that group.
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I still have the Powder issue with the Trever Peterson tribute in it. Great article on Alagna, Italy in it too. Was inspired and went. This was the ski area Trever was at doing a photo shoot before heading off to Chamonix and his death. Can't seem to find it right now or I would pass on the issue date and volume#. I think the year was 97.
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I assume you've read or seen Edge of Never and  the  movie Steep? You could try posting in that thread with Edge of Never and ask SkiWrite. He wrote the book and made the movie.

Isn't Alagna near where McConkey was killed?
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The Edge of Never movie and book feature Kye Petersen, Trevor's son.  The movie has a number of great clips of Trevor and great memoirs.  Sometimes people give away, or sell back Powder Mag issues that might fill your need.
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 I have that issue of Powder that has the story about Alagna and the tribute to Trevor.

I will find it and get the issue # and date back to you.

Trevor died on Feb. 26, 1996.

You can buy old issues from Powder.

I'll get back to you soon.

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