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Progressor 8 vs. Progressor 9

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I am a 27 year old, 5'5", 125lb former racer. Currently I'm skiing on a pair of Fischer RC4 GS ('04-'05). I am trying to decide between the Fischer Progressor 8 and the 9s for my next pair of skis. I need stability at high speeds, but would like a shorter radius for tighter turns. Also, I'm an East cost skier, so conditions are usually groomed packed powder and ice. Any input would be appreciated! 
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 The 9+ is a much better ski, and based on your background, a better choice.
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"The 9+ is a much better ski"

When you are dealing with skis, it is all personal preference and based on trade-offs.....they are both great skis......I have skied both and found the biggest difference for me (Male, 5-9, 175, A-E skier) the 9 tended to ski more like a GS ski and you needed to be "on" them and drive them. For a former racer, these could be a great fit for you....They did handle speed better than the 8's and where great on ice......The 8's (which I decided on), skied more like a softer SL ski to me yet I did not feel like I need to be "pushing them" to get them on edge. I found that all I needed to do was "roll" the ankles the ski went on edge. Very strong on GS and SL turns......and very solid skiing on boiler plate ice......interestingly enough, the real reason I went with the 8's is because I am now skiing with my 8 and 10 year old daughters each weekend and they allow me to carve turns at a much slower speed (to stay with the kids - yet when skiing with friends, can still top top bottom with GS type turns)

I think it really depends on what you want going forward......if you plan to keep skiing at high speeds leaning more towards GS type turns, the 9 might be a better choice. I have heard thru the grapevine that Fischer will be coming out with a 10 but I don't know anything more than that....

Either way, I don't think you will go wrong with Fischer.......

Good luck !


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I have a few days on the Progressor 8's (170 cm), and I think they would be a great choice.  You said you want a shorter radius, so the 8's fit that criteria better than the 9's.  I'm quite a bit heavier than you (160 lbs) and I am very pleased with their high speed performance - and I tend to ski fast most of the time.  They are a very fun ski and I find them equally adept at short and long turns.  My previous skis were Head Supershapes, and I prefer the Progressors - more versatile and comfortable in long turns, yet you can really tighten the radius and crank out short turns when you increase the pressure on the tips.  Excellent hard snow grip, too.  All in all, the Progressor 8's are great carvers.  Perfect for the east IMO. 
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 I am 5'10" 205lb just got them few months ago and very happy with them. I ski them on Mammoth most of the time. I purchased them from
o2gearshop.com it was last years model 299.99 no brainer. I guess they are selling 2010s 439 now.
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