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What skis in Whistler? and Olympic Q's

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I'm going to head up to the Olympics this Friday, probably ski on Sunday and Monday.  It looks like there will be a little rain before I get there, but when I get there it should be 40 degrees and sunny.  I have two pairs of skis.  The Volkl AX3's  70mm underfoot and last years Salomon Czar's which is 112mm underfoot I think. I'll probably bring both pairs of skis but I was wondering which I should use... I like the carving and quicker turning of the Volkl's but I'll probably be off the groom a lot so despite the conditions do you think i should still ski the Czars?

I'm also looking to ski Grouse mountain for a half a day mainly because it looks like a great place to take pictures.. skiing down into the city overlooking the ocean.. anyone been there before?

I'm not sure if anyone will know the answer to this, but they have a checkpoint on the way to Whistler, if you do not have lodging in Whistler you have to be bussed in, the buses run constantly but it says it is for Olympic event spectators not just for skiiers. Does anyone know how the bus system will work for someone who just wants to ski for the day. AND I want to hang out with the world in the village for awhile after the day of skiing.. but I don't want to spend the entire time walking around in my ski boots.. you think if i carry an extra pair of shoes with me there would be enough lockers for day skiiers, I got the lodging secured, it is just these last few things I need to figure out, any help would be appreciated.

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Don't bother with your fat skis.  They won't help you on the days you're planning to ski.

Do you have lodging in Whistler?  You're not clear about that.  If you do and there is parking provided you can get a pass to drive there.  Check with where you are staying.  There are private bus companies, including Greyhound, that are offering trips to Whistler for non ticket holders.  I don't know where you look for the information but a Google search should turn something up.

Go to Grouse if the weather is clear.  It is one unbelievable view.  You are not only sitting right on top of the city, but when you turn your gaze you're now looking right into wilderness with tall peaks and glaciers.

There are lots of lockers.  Bring your shoes.

Just a guess here, but if you're looking for skiing, and not Olympics, I would recommend that you ski Blackcomb.  Usually Whistler is more crowded anyway and with the Olympic events on Whistler Mountain and the restrictions on day access I would think that Blackcomb might be nearly empty.
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DO bring the fat skis, we have plenty of fresh snow in the alpine - around 70cm in the past week
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Originally Posted by wbsr View Post

DO bring the fat skis, we have plenty of fresh snow in the alpine - around 70cm in the past week

The reason I recommended against them was that the forecast is for warm, sunny weather on the days he's planning to ski.  The fresh will be at least chopped up and it should be pretty heavy.  Those big guys will bounce all over the place in those conditions.
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Thanks for the insight... I'm leaving Portland Friday night, going to a concert in Seattle, then i'm going to stay the night in Bellingham, Will probably tour around Vancouver for the first half of Saturday, maybe check out Grouse mountain the second half of the day because it sounds like it is small but it would be nice to get some pictures of the sunset, and maybe ski one dark hour since I heard the lights of the city is something to see.  I'll be staying in Squamish for two nights, 30 minutes outside Whistler, I think it is right before the checkpoint.  It's unclear if only "event" ticket holders get bus rides, so i'm wondering about that if I am going just to ski.  I'll probably cruise up to the Giant Slalom that day just to say I checked out an event.  I do want to head over to Blackcomb, cause my name is Joe, looked at the trial map, gotta hit "Where's Joe" and "Yard Sale" lol. 

I'll be there Sunday, if finances allow maybe Monday too.. it's supposed to be 40 degrees and Sunny.. Whistler looks huge so I was thinking bring the fatties to cruise over the crust, but then again my Volkl's have always served me well, lighter and easier to turn, so i'm not sure.

I can't wait to get up there, I've been talking about it all week... Can't believe they close at 3...
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I beleive Where's Joe is agladed area? Maybe they'll be some fresh and broken still around? I'm not sure how much that area got this week but the Czar's may be the ticket?
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You're right, it will be hot with a high freezing level this weekend. I didn't read thoroughly enough I guess.

Even still, 70mm is too thin unless all you do is groomers, but since you own a 112mm, I am guessing you like to do a bit of off-piste once in a while :)

Bring em
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There is transit bus service from Squamish to Whistler, something like every 10 minutes during the games. Other option is take the Greyhound, park your car at Extra Foods at the north end of town and walk across the highway to the Greyhound station. The checkpoint is 5 minutes north of Squamish and runs from 6am to 6pm, if you don't have a "sea to sky" pass you won't get by it.
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II think I will ski the czars. That's what I got them for. Mountains like whistler. My only concern is i can't go from car to slope so lugging them around will be much heavier AND hanging in the village after Im worried about them getti g stolen (not a typical concern). Just now =}
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