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What to do about stick ankles?

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I have purchased a new pair of boots, Salomon CS pro.

There are no bootfitters i trust where I live so I am DIY a bit.

The Kaprolene after being heatgunned allowed for my wide forefoot to fit perfectly, I can get the lower part of my foot encircled snugly with very little lower shell latch pressure.

Problem is, I have tiny ankles. My previous boots, over the years, the lower half of the shell deformed to allow the lower cuff buckle to tighten all the way in.

On the salomons, the lower cuff buckle gets extremely hard to latch before it is truly snug on my leg. I think the lower shell is blocking the cuff from tightening on to my leg. I am worried I will rip the cuff if I keep trying to crank it all the way down to hit my ankle. The hole in the cuff for the latch is already stretched a bit.

The upper cuff buckle is much easier to latch and I can feel more pressure on my leg.

Is there a way to fix this, maybe heatgun the top part of the lower shell overlap where I can't get it all the way back, then crank down the buckle to mold things to my foot?

I have custom orthotics and already have one heel wedge below that to take up volume. I could add padding behind my ankle, but I am a racer and utlimately I want the shell to hold me, and would prefer to avoid extra padding if at all possible. If over time the tension of the cuff will re-form the shell, i'd rather wait for that to happen than prevent it by padding things out.



EDIT: this is more of a feel/preference thing really. My foot is held tight enough to ski well, heel doesn't lift from the pocket while skiing, I just like my foot totally enveloped and that I have to crank the buckles to do so bugs me. Salomon has an even tighter setting of the cuff latch, so it would appear they designed the boots to handle even smaller ankles than mine?
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foam liners.

eliminator tongues

narrow/lower volume boot (Salomon X3lab = 95mm) as does nordica WC and langes plug boot too

move the buckles if you need to.
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I know I can pad things out, that wasn't really what I was asking.

Even without my foot in the boot, I can barely crank the lower cuff buckles all the way in. How would moving the buckles tighter help? It feels like something might snap, its that tight.  There is something (lower shell?) that seems to be blocking the cuff from getting tighter. There must be some way to take care of this or Salomon wouldn't have added a buckle position that goes tighter than this one does, would they? According to the buckle mounting options there should be a lot more room to constrict the cuff. Do i just need to store them bucked tightly so over time they become smaller and smaller till they fit right?

My previous Nordicas were too loose in this area, and over time they became snug.

I have a really wide forefoot, well over 104mm. I bought the lange WC HP fit first, and it has a high instep, and narrow, I need a low instep and wide. Could have been punched out, but how to lower the arch? Would have been putting a round peg in a square hole. The salomon boot fits really well except for the lower cuff not cranking down tight enough for my tastes. Judging by the buckle mounting options, this is easily remedied. I feel no slop when I am skiing, I can't wear the boots with anything but the thinnest sock, I just crave a perfect fit.

Hopefully the padding doesn't pack out, the salomon race liners seem pretty thin and dense.


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try a zipfit pullover.

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