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Best skis for a soft course

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Will be heading in to the final two weeks of our beer league tonight.  It is supposed to be a warm sunny day today with temp's around 30 degrees.  Will make for a soft mushy day on our little hill.  I am debating if it would be better tonight to stick with my race-carver skis (tighter turn radius) or to go back to my consumer 'race stock' ski.  Somewhat oddly to me, my race-carver skis are actually stiffer than my race-stock ski.  I could see arguments for both skis being the better choice.  Just wondering what the racing Bears thoughts would be.  Firmer, tighter radius ski, softer, longer radius ski or on a 20 second beer league course, it doesn't make any difference?  Or would it still depend on the course itself and how tight it is?
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My thoughts on the relative importance of variables for a soft snow 20-second beer league course in order of impact.

1. Course itself and how tight it is.
2. Wax.
3. Width, particularly a larger waist width (not out of the cross-ski waist range, however).
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I'd probably say whatever has the most base bevel.  Make sure you don't over sharpen your edges.  Ski-wise I'd say bigger radius if you're clean with it, but if you're asking and the bevels are the same, you will probably over edge on such a easy course and have trouble making clean transitions.
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