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long tours and a heavy pack on an AT setup?

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I've been researching skis for heading into the backcountry. On this forum tons of people ask questions about what type of skis to buy, and this community seems very helpful, so I'd thought I'd try as well. But what I want to do different is provide enough information so that anyone who might want to help can. So.....

Me: 5'9" 145lbs (with no pack)
Major Goal: Spend a week or two up in the high sierras. (first a 12 mile, 2500' ascent up Tioga Road, then 8 miles of rolling slightly downhilll terrain in meadows or on the road, then day after day of wandering around the high country painting, exploring and possibly doing some peaks if I'm with experienced friends and if not, just some low angle dome stuff.
Type of snow: Varied, crust, powder, roads, etc.

Secondary Goal: Wander around off trail in Tahoe going up and down hills with confidence. I'm often searching out spots for painting and I'd like to be able to get to some difficult areas that I can't approach on my current skis.

Thoughts on Current setup: Fischer E99, SNS_BC binding, lame lightweight boot
 For me, this gear seems light. The skis are difficult to turn in (probably cause my boots) and I'm thinking something a little wider might be nicer in the BC. With a heavy pack on, I might feel awkward on this setup. 

Why I'm thinking about the dynafit setup:
1. Eventually I'll be able to ski up and down peaks like Tallac and such. Right now, I'm not ready, but next year for sure.
2. I could use it at a resort. (I don't go to resorts much since they cost money, but if friends are in town, it'd be nice to have something that I could do some intermediate skiing on. Nothing out of control- and I don't jump)
3. I like the idea of an autorelease binding in the backcountry.
4. I like to be able to go downhill safely. (and with this setup actually safe and fun)
5. I'm familiar with Alpine skiing, so I wouldn't have to learn a new technique. (aka tele)
6. I'm an all or nothing type of guy, so I already have a setup for flat land cruising, I might as well get a setup for long distance alpine stuff.
7. I like lightweight gear.

This is what I've been recommended by a friend:
Scarpa Spirit 3 boot, dynafit bindings, and a light ski of my choice such as the Karhu 10th Mountain.

The dynafits are insanely expensive, but I'm willing to pay the price if this is going to be the best rig for me.

As far as skis go, I understand the possibilities are endless, but maybe my description of my goals and such might give an idea of what shape of ski is best. If anyone responds, thanks in advance.
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If you are serious about long tours then Dynafit is the way to go.  Take a look at wildsnow.com for gret information.

P.S. you would get a better response porting this in the backcountry section.
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I switched to Dynafits fz-12 after years on Fritschis, and am very happy. THey ski much better (no flex) and of course the weight savings are great. THey also tour better because of the pivot point-you lift the boot about an inch less than with Fritschis.
As far as skis, I would stay away from "backcountry" skis (BD, Karhu, Voile, etc). I tried many, and do not ski very well. This year I bought K2 Hardsides, and they are about 9 lbs (181) but ski really well, bith powder and ice.
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