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bumps on shins. How to fix problem?

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I managed to get 3 days of skiing over the last long weekend. I practiced diligently what I learned in my recent ski lessons: drive the skis with good shin pressure. The skis did everything I wanted, but I ended up with bumps on my shins. It's no the first time I get the bumps, but they are the worst/largest so far due to longer skiing hours. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about:
I have Nordica Ignition Supercharger boots with a pretty soft flex. My foot is long, boots size 29.5, but very low volume. My ankles are pretty thin too. I can stick 3 fingers in my boot, even when it is buckled up to the maximum. The boot fits around the foot perfectly. The boot has seen about 40 days of usage; while it lost some of its volume, I doubt it's already at the end of its life.
What do you guys think? Is this a boot problem or bad skiing technique? Or both?
Could I use something like boot tongue inserts?
I was thinking about cutting a sock from the ankle up to wear it on top of my regular sock to simulate a thicker leg. Is that a bad idea?
Do I need to shop for another boot?

Thanks a lot!

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that is a medium volume boot, and your foot is narrow

3 finger = WAY too big.   just to double check.   with your liner removed, toes touching the front of the shell, you have 3 cm behind your heel?   that is 2 sizes too much.

assuming that the boot if too long, (3cm shell fit) and too wide (med boot vs narrow foot) the only part of you leg touching the boot is the top, so all the presure is on that spot, and causing the pressure bump.

to stop the swelling:  Ice, drugs, rest/

to prevent it happening again,   boots that fit you better.  Yes your current boot is only 40 days old but it is the wrong shape/size, and will only get worse fitting/bigger the more you ski on it.

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Wow, it's bad. I can stick my whole hand in my boot after I remove the liner and when my toes touch the front. I do have about 2-3cm behind my heel. I'll go shopping

Manks thanks, mtnlion.

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