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Fischer Progressor 7+ Skis...

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I am an intermediate to advanced skier and am looking for a ski that will allow me to run cruisers while carving at medium to high speeds.  In addition, the ski I am lookin for would ideally do well on steeper terrain allowing me to carve shorter radius turns while providing a higher level of control than what I currently have on my current skis.  Does anyone have an opinion on the Fischer Progressor 7+ to meet these requirements?  I also have considered the Progressor 8+ but am concerned that these skis are not suited for my ability level (i.e. to aggressive and/or responsive for my ability).  Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Ken,

I presently ski on 2010 Progressor 8+........I am an advanced skier and really like the skis. I ski in VT and NH pretty exclusively.....took a little getting used to as the sweet spot on the ski changes based on what type of turns you want to make. Now, I can make very tight turns (even at slow speeds) and some nice crusing GS turns with the same ski. The ski also performs fairly well in the moguls and on ice.....From what I have been told, the 7 is a slightly softer version of the 8. You did not say how old you where and if you where looking to work on moving to the next level in your skiing ability......The reason I ask is that i think the 7 could be fine for you but some have said that if you will be skiing a lot and attempting to get to the next level, you might grow out of the 7's.....

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Thanks for the feedback.  I am 44 years of age, 5' 7" and about 175 Lbs and feel like my progess has stalled.  I currently ski on Atomic Beta Carv 9.1 skis (175 CM) that carve very nicely at higher speeds but I really struggle when I need to make shorter radius turns very quickly.  I was hoping that moving to a shorter ski (160 CM) that is more forgiving (not as stiff) and can turn much faster would help me progress on the steeper terrain where I am struggling.  When I was younger and skied on straight skis where active rotation was necessary I was able to execute quick turns very rapidly and was able to ski the steeps more easilly.  Using the modern shape ski I have been able to modify my technique to allow the ski radius to make the turns without active rotation when cruising intermediates but have been unable to make the rapid short radius turns strictly with edge change, pressure, and edge control.  Perhaps some of my problem is technique but I do feel my current skis are too long and stiff for my ability level.

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Just bought a set of Fischer Progressor 7+ skis online for $289 with free shipping.  Many bargains to be had online!! 
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Hi,  can you post a review of these once you try them out.....

and in particular how the length is working out.  I am about same age height wieght as yourself ,  could have posted this request myself..
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can i ask where did you buy your fischer 

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