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Gap in the upper part of the boot

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Can anyone help me with the gap problem in the upper part of the calf?
I am 100kg, 186 cm skiier with very problematic feet (very high instep and wide feet) in atomic Rt TI 150 boots (27,5 cm). After some shell and zeppa grinding boots are very tight but quite comfortable in lower shell area.
I can not get a proper fit in the calf area. May be that is because i have high calf muscles what makes my leg thin in the ski boot. While skiing i realized that there is a gap between the tongue and my shin.
I can not lace a liner tighter because both parts of the liner meet together.
Stronger fastenig of the upper bucles rather makes me pain than helpes. I installed booster straps what helped a little but did not solved the problem.
As I can see it thicker tongue could be a good solution, but I do not know where can I get the thicker tongue.
I  consider trying Intuition power wrap or zipfit liner instead of atomic asy pro stock liner. Can it help?
What do you think about this?

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Generally, ---boots are designed around a "generic skier" who has about a 13 to14 inch (33 to 35.5 cm)leg circumference.  If you have a slimmer leg than 13 inches(33cm) you will need to add a spoiler behind your liner to push your leg/knee forward to the same place as the generic skiers'.  This will take up the space you speak about.  It will also improve your fore/aft balance greatly.  The boot you own has one of the more upright stance (forward lean) set ups on the market, you may need two spoilers to get into the right (centered up) stance.
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Mamy thanks for the answer.
I use spoiler attached by velcro  to Atomic liner and think that my fore/aft balance is ok. I do not have a problem with pushing my knees forward (with my 100kg and 186 cm that's not a problem). The problem is that when doing it there is a gap between my leg and the back part of the ski boot what worsens ski control.
That's why I am thinking about thicker tongue or trying onother liner.
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Try tightening the power strap inside the front shell pieces (around the liner only) then buckle the shell over the strap, this will pull your leg back against the rear of the shell and stop the gap from opening,  You may find this causes a problem with your fore/aft balance---you could then try an additional spoiler to move your COM forward.
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