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ski length advice for k2 lotta luv skis

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i'm a newbie to this site....looks like such grt info!

my question:

i am able to purchase some k-2 lotta luv skiis at wholesale.  i want an all mountain ski w/ an emphasis on skiing bumps (my favorite terrain).  

my quandry is choosing the length (156 or 167)? 

i'm a 5'3" female, i ski down most any terrain (w/in reason)...double blacks for sure....and i love skiing changing terrian, bumps and powder (i'm average in the bumps but getting better - can hook a decent line together albeit blow out here and there)...

my last pair of k2 t-nine skis (4yrs old - now shot) were 156 cm and felt too short on cruisers...my phat luv powder skis are 167 cm (3 yrs old) and are fabulous on powder and cruisers (so stable and can really work up speed - love that).... overall i feel better on the 167 cm ski, but the ski sales guy recommended 156 for my basic profile (5'3", advanced skier, bump skiing interest...)

Question: would it be a mistake to get this wide k2 lotta luv ski in the 167 cm given my profile?
ty....i appreciate advice!

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 Hi Kisski!
Welcome to EpicSki!
The Lotta Luv has been hugely raved about this year, which makes me very excited for your impending purchase.

Based on your height I'd say you want the shorter ski, but based on the description of your skiing and the other skis in your quiver, I'm inclined to say that the 167 is the way to go.

If there were a ski available in the middle that would be ideal, but you didn't indicate that as a possibility......
 Sooooooooo, 167 it is, eh?

I'm looking forward to hearing how this goes for you.
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Hmmmmm.....this year's and last year's Lotta Luvs come in 156, 163, and 170.  The 167 was from 2007, I think.

What year are these Lotta Luvs?

If it's 156 or 163 you mean, then the 163 would be great. 
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thank you trekchick and twintip!!...you are both correct, i went back and looked at the specs and i was mistaken, there is a 163 size which intuitively seems better for me than 156..(next size up is a 170)...thank you very much for your feedback!! i'm going to go for the 163...off to park city tomorrow for the weekend!
enjoy your weekend!
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fyi on the k2 lotta luv skiis...156 vs longer...
back from utah, about to go again...turns out only 156 was available where i had my deal to purchase at a fab price so mounted the 156 k2s lotta luv skiis and skiid the weekend away...they were terrific...responsive and quick...trees, bumps, some icky stuff under a few fresh inches...all good! thx again for input! 

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My wife is a little taller and 130 lbs, level 9 skier.  She is on the 163 Lotta Luv from a few years back and Loves them.  FYI, she probably could have gone longer based on her height but she really enjoys the moguls and trees and likes the shorter length because it's a bit quicker.  I've also seen her in knee deep powder with these skis and she had no problem... 
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Hi Trekchick et al:  I have a bit of a quandry for my wife as well, similar to this one.  She's pretty much the same skiier as Kiski... can rock the moguls all day long, and there's few places she won't go.  We had thought she should go 156 on the 2010 Lotta Luv, but they are out of stock on the 2010's.  Only have 163's left in the 2010's.  We can get the 156 2011 ski's, but they are, um, really ugly!  She's 5'6, 120-125lbs depending on the day, and in excellent shape (marathon runner, stuff like that.)  I think she could go to 163, but she demo'd the 156s last year.  Her concern is going bigger might make it tougher in the bumps.  She's been riding Salomon Crossmaxes for about 6-years now (definately time to upgrade.)  Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you!  Rich

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at 5'6" 120 lbs, I'd go with the 163.  Did she demo the 156 and prefer it for some reason?

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Hi Trekchick:  Thanks for the advice.  She did demo the 156 skis and really liked them.  The demo guy recommended this length for her over the longer 163's.  Our concern is that a longer ski might not perform as well in the bumps.  

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As you have described her I'm imagining that she's an advanced skier?


Seriously, I'd say that she should demo the 163 before she disregards the idea.


Example, I'm 5'6" 130 lbs and find the 163 to be more stable.......just sayin'

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Hi Trekchick: Yes, she is an advanced skier.  I can barely keep up with her.  I'll forward to her your advice.  Thanks so much!  Rich

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The wife is looking at Lotta Luv's as well. She's an advanced intermediate with good skills but not particularly agressive (but getting there). 5'9", 165 lbs. What length would you suggest. She has outgrown her Sweet Luv's which were 163, so I'm thinking that she wants the 170s.

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