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Ive been fiddling arround with canting for a few years now. My free skiing improved a lot and also club racing. Ended up with 1,5deg (boot sole thicker under big toe edge). I got more or less rid of the A-frame and my skis started to carve much cleaner and there was significant improvement in outside ski not skidding away from underneath me in tight turns. However, on national level SL and GS competitions on FIS prepared slopes I had no hopes of surviving. I backed off the canting for this year to 1 deg and found it to be quite good for running gates at practise. Hopped back to 1,5 to see if there was any difference but it turned out to be way too radical. Anything but 100% edge locked carving became impossible and I cannot carve every turn in a race. Whent back to 1deg but this weekend at the SL races I felt like I was on 1.5 again. It seems even 1deg is too much for me when the course is very hard or icy. The way they usually are when you start with number 54.

The feeling I have on a very hard course is that my ski aggressively carves and lock onto its edges before I have inclined enough to get away with the edge hold. The more I project myself into the turn the quicker the froce kicks in and Im pulled out of the turn. On soft surface this is no problem.

So could it be that Im over canted when racing? Do I need different boots for racing and freeskiing?

Thaught I move this thread from the boot forum since it never got any replyes. Anyway, this weekend I took part in a couple of national level master gs competitions and learned something. The slope is not long, about 30sec, but its quite steep for a long time. On fridays practise I had serious problems with holding a clean carve after I entered the steep. Especially after the track got worne. I had to skid my way down to half way down before able to carve and hold a good line. The other guys had no problem holding the line from the start of the steep. On saturday we raced two runs of which the first one was quite straight. Not like the course on friday that was tight. I did not do too bad but on the second course that was tighter I was in serious trouble again and lost whatever I gained in the first run. Skis were hacking their way down the course and I was skidding sideways. At the end of the steep I gained controll with extrem edge hold but dropped dramatically in ranking. All the time my free skiing was great. Could carve on the firm but soft surface with no problems what so ever. I simply could not take this skiing onto the hard and icy course. So I took a gamble for the main competition on sunday. After much thaugth and some beer drinking I whent down to the hotel cellar and took my bindings off. Marker 10-20din and piston plate. Took some gorilla tape and made two strips of it on the OUTSIDE LTE of the ski. I measured the thickness to be slightly under one mm. My boots are canted 1deg and that equals to about 1mm so I reccon my boots were at close to neutral. Next day as I put the skis on I was shocked with the feeling just standing there on the flat. Tried to scate and it was weard because the skis were just skidding sideways with absolutely no edge hold. Many thaught run through my mind but course inspection was about to start and it was -20C and everything closed except our lift because it was early in the morning. Up I whent and course inspection was quite easy because skis were skidding sideways very nicely. After inspection I took a few warm up runs and was booting out all the time and had trouble getting any outside ski pressure. When it was my turn I was not confident but I was surpriced that the first 3 gates on flat whent very well and as I came to the top of the steep everything was smooth and effortless. Still skis held their carve. Knew this could not go on for long I started to skid and brake some speed but after I hooked skis into carving half way down the skis turned nicely and they gripped fine on the hard and sometimes icy and chopped up snow. Did a huge misstake at the end of the run as I almost missed the last gate but did not do a bad time. The other guys that were used to beating me were quite angry with themselves for skiing so slow. Other run whent about the same but I was still not able to carve all the way due to a mental block. The gate offset was SG typed open and speeds were very fast. Not used to skiing like that.

Conclusion. Canting my boots boosted my free skiing and club racing. I felt like I had swapped my old rear weel drive combie for a new 4 weel drive suv. However, just like the wc guys I talked to overcanted in racing is not a good thing. I know that canting is a combination of how your legs are built, your physical strength and skiing technique. I guess that for my level flat for gs is better than 1deg canting. Im going to try 0,5deg canting next. Got new boots so I will start from cero and see what works and what doesent. The bad thing about canting boots is that its not possible to go back once you trimmed the lugs. Or its harder anyway. Im going to go back to canting my skis insted. Easy restore to original if not good.
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It's hard to say much with the limited information, but personally I use 4 degrees cant on left and 5 degrees on right for gs and 5/6 degrees for sl.  Yes, I am certain those angles are correct, but I have the most screwed up feet you will ever see (Talipes Equinovarus + failed PM release).  There's lots of factors, but the biggest is your personal physiology.  You may add a little more for sl or a little less for speed.  Technique/ personal preference might make a slight difference, but basically you just are looking for your skis to be flat in a neutral stance assuming everything else is ok.
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Limited information? After all that I have been writing? What more do you need to know, just ask. Anwyay, 4-5deg equals to 4-5mm! That is huge canting. How did you end up canted that way? Measurements or just testing? 
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