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Hi All,


Back after about a 15 year hiatus to get my kids into skiing.  I'm 38 years old, 6 2", 245lbs and was an advanced skiier.  Appears to be coming back to me quickly, other than not being able to hold an edge to save my life (midwest rental scene) and still trying to figure out the "shaped" thing.  (seems more difficult to slalom..maybe it's the rentals)

My primary scene will be the beloved hardpan of the midwest with an occasionl out west trip.  I'll be on the groomers (with my kids) and bumps when solo.  My lowest priority would be powder handling, though if I could get a all mountain that would be "ok" in powder that would be a bonus.

I don't know if it's just the rentals, but all the ski's I've been on in the past year, feel like foam core (soft) and I'd prefer something stiffer but not too stiff for the bumps.  If  theres such thing, I'd like less parabolic (than more) and nothing fancy.  (I'd rather ski than have the ski doing all the work)

Ideally, I'd like to pick up a last years model type deal or demos in good shape.  Reality is that my kids and other beginners are going to be skiing all over the tops of them, I think it's stupid for me to pay top dollar.

Additionally, I need boots and bindings.  I figure I probably have to go try boots on at our local shop, but can I get the skis with bindings on them or predrilled?

Any advice would really be appreciated.  I saw a similar post with lots of ebay suggestions and they were all gone.  I'm cool with ebay but dont just want to buy something I know nothing about.

Thanks for any help!