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Need some help on Atomic SL skis

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This could probably go into tuning/repair, but it's pretty race specific.  My kid has broken the tip protectors on his Atomic Jr SLs and of course has a big race coming up.  Does anyone out there know if the tip protectors off of other Atomic skis will work (adult GS or SL), and how do you replace them?  They don't have screws like most others.  Thanks in advance!


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not all years tips match, however the only way to find out is to remove the old one and see if it will fit on the ski that you have.

to remove the tips, apply a little heat from a heat gun to soften up the tip only. then use a thin flat blade screwdriver to pry up about 1/2 inch in from either side of the tip. the tip will pop off the key way that is shaped into the tip area of the ski. once one side releases the tip will pop off.

to install, once again lightly heat up the tip, get one side hooked on the key way, then push down on the opposite side of the tip until it locks down.

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Thanks Jim.  Only ones I found were adult WC tips.  So, I found a drill bit, drilled the skis and bolted on the WC "nosepicker" type tips.  On the bright side we know which skis are his now...
Did end up switching the unbroken tip to his trainers - thanks for the directions on how to remove and install the stock tips. 
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