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I’ve tried my new ski boots on the slopes a few times, and now that they’re worn in, it’s time for a review.

I am very happy with my new Rossignol Vita Sensor 80s (2010). Check this link for a review. The boots have a couple of features that I really like:

* The heel has ridges to give the boot traction on icy pavement.

* The buckles are microadjustable for an accurate fit; the top two buckle catches provide 22mm of adjustability.

* The boot has a women-specific design; for instance the liner is scalloped in the back to be more comfortable on our calves.

* The liner is super-plush and comfortable.

* The power strap serves as a fifth buckle, cinching up the entire boot.

The Rossignol Vita Sensor 80s are lightweight and easy to carry. The 80 in the name stands for the amount of flex. An advanced skier would probably find these too mushy, but for me, an advanced-intermediate, they’re perfect.

The only drawback that I have discovered so far is that my feet actually get too warm in these boots. I have never suffered from cold feet in ski boots, but this is a common complaint among women. So, most women would probably find them the right temperature. I also have to take into account that several of the days that I have skied this season have been balmy. 
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