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Contact 4x4 too much ski for me. Suggestions on something a notch below?

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Hey all,

Well my eyes were bigger than my stomach (legs in this case) and I bit off more than I can chew with the Dynastar Contact 4x4.  I can only ski them as they're meant to be ski'd for a few runs and then I get pretty tired and it isn't fun anymore.  Maybe in a couple seasons when I'm skiing more and my legs are stronger will I revisit them, because they're thrilling for those runs where I do get the most out of them.  

My first inclination is the Contact Groove or last year's Contact 10.  But I've really no preference.  Though I'm curious about Elans (Speedwave 10, Magfire 10 sound good), Nordicas (Speedmachine Mach 2/3), or other Stockli's (Love my Stormrider TT's but don't know anything about their more intermediate/advanced front side skis).  Kind of a gear head and am just interested in those brands.

Anyway, suggestions on something more Intermediate / Advanced?  With this experience I'd rather push a ski to its limit more often than barely scratch its surface.  This ski will be my front side ski used mainly on the east coast.

And for any dealers reading this thread I am willing trade the 4x4's straight up for something else.
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I've been looking for new skis, and I'm glad I read your post. The Dynastars are also on my list to try and demo.

Others might be Blizzard Supersonic or G-Gorce Pro, might be good, the G-Force Pro is supposed to be a bit softer and easier to ski.

I'm also thinking about Volkl AC30s and Fischer Progresser +8. The Head SuperShape is another possibility. These are all on my Demo list.

I'm 6 feet and 195 and thinking of something 170cm or slightly less. What length do you have in the Dynastars?
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I'm 185 lbs and have them in 172's.

I'm heading to Sunday River in a few weeks and hope to demo some skis while I'm there.  Definitely have the Progressor 8 on my list too.  So many choices... 
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Looking back on your first thread here, its tempting to say, they told you so... http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/86204/need-ski-advice

Sierra_Canuck is at the Start Haus in Truckee, and you might also contact Dawgcatching (Scott), who has some really good deals here.   I think Scott especially could point you in the right direction.
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A  Notch Below:

1. Fischer Progressor 7+-excellent over-looked and very well-priced ski.  Very easy to turn (carving or skidding) in lots of surfaces.  Good tool to get intermediates up a level.

2. Elan Magfire 78 (or the 78Ti if you want more beef-still not as burly or requiring of expert skills as the contact)-  Again, you can find good prices on these (especially last year's as they are exactly the same ski as this years-ditto for the Progressor 7).  Very easy to turn-doesn't care if you're s skid-twister or tipping carver.  Pretty soft, nice in all resort 'in-bound' situatios (groomers, soft snow, bumps, trees, modest powder days).  Another sleeper ski that doesn't seem to jump off the shelf for some reason.

3. Fischer watea 78-this ski is every bit as 'expert' as any ski in it's category in terms of envelope of use and user-however, it's relatively softer flex and a few other in-tangibles makes this a fine ski for intermediates as well.  Far less carvy than the other skis mentioned, not the best at holding a hard edge at speed on hard surfaces (but adequate) but probably better everywhere else.  If you buy it with a railflex binding it makes it a pretty versatile ski as well.  Again, they haven't changed this ski in three seasons so look for previous year bargains.

Dawgcatching sells all of of these skis.   I work in a shop that does as well and I've skied all of them.

Good luck shopping!

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 the 4x4 is ski that if you have to ask is it much ski? then it is too much ski.
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 if you can find a pair.... try head im78's..... they are a ski i use along with my 4X4's, they are versatile and not a stiff as the 4X4's.
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you mentioned in your original post you had muscular legs and you are 24 yrs. old. hmmmmmm......... technique may be the cause, 4x4's do not suffer backseat driving...

if its your quads that are sore then you're driving from the backseat. your troublemakers 
aren't nearly as demanding of proper technique; as they are very soft and are a great bump ski.........
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Your original selection of the Dynastar Contact 10 (08/09) was best. I also found the 4x4 too stiff for slower speed cruising. I sold my 4x4s and I recently purchased the new 09/10 Contact Cross Ti 172cm and am very pleased with their groomer-mixed snow performance. Great review on Realskiers.com. I like the softer flex and lower speed versatility without losing higher speed stability. The new Cross Ti is slightly stiffer than the Contact 10 but I prefer  the new Wood Core Construction.
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Your original question did not post the length of the ski you were on. I have not noticed this as an element in the discussion so far.
Perhaps you were on the right ski but the wrong length? Perhaps not but that is important data to consider...

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