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switching to Daleboots

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Well, I'm 99% certain I'm going to pickup some Daleboot st2002 or vff pros while in SLC later this week. (I ski most of the year in the midwest, and get a 1 week trip to utah)

I'm going from 2000'ish Lange L10's I've skiied for a long time now.  I had to have those boots punched at the ankle to fit my foot without hobbling me on long days of hard skiing.

I'm 6'5" 300#... so I've always assumed I need the stiff boots otherwise with weight/height... I can bend lots of boots pretty easily.

From reading threads here and elsewhere, though, I notice people mentioning the daleboots are typically softer in the flex department.

I guess I don't know how much this style of boot will throw me compared to my langes.  Will it feel like wearing a hiking boot, or is there plenty of resistance?

If I don't go the new boot route... I'd love to throw some intuitions in my existing langes... but I think that ship has sailed due to my trip schedule
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First, Daleboot can put (their own ) Intuitions into your existing shell if you see no reason to switch shells. At least they use to offer that. When  I first got them they were too easy to flex which overstressed my quads (I'm 5'10" 208#).  The forward flex can be varied in a number of ways. They can even pretty much rivet the hinge so that it is really stiff. Or you can go with their race model which adds an extra piece that stiffens the boot.
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I asked about the liners... either they are too busy, or short on liners, and they said they weren't currently doing liners for other boots.

I'm not wholly opposed to softening up my boots (long as I can't just drop my weight touch my knee to my ski :) ... I just don't have a feel for how much that will change what I've been used to for the last 10 or more years.
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Just plan your trip so that you can possibly leave the slopes by 3:30 and try to get there an hour before closing so they can do some adjustments if needed. You can get there from most of the mountians in under 45 minutes in normal traffic/weather but you want to leave the canyon before the outgoing traffic builds up.
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good note... i've been out before.  I'm sort of limited by when our vans head out.
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Then consider a rental car. The first time I got DB I was with a group and I had to miss a lot of skiing trying to coordinate going with them and getting the fittings done. One of the reasons they are pretty reasonably priced for what you get is that they are in the middle of SLC, not at the mountain, but it's a pain to keep going back to have things tweaked. They are also closed Sunday, so keep that in mind.
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The boots are laterally as stiff as the Langes or any plug (race) boot, and they can make the VFF super stiff if you want.  Just tell them what you want.  The forward stiffness comes from a cable attached to the back of the boot as opposed to plastic on plastic rubbing from a regular boot. As another poster said, they can easily rivit it or use a shorter cable. You will get used to it in about one or two runs and then love skiing with your feet. 

You can read my review of the boots on this site.  IMO the VFF Pro is not at all too"soft" with the forward flex.  Best of all, you can pop the lever on back of the boots (releasing the cable) for powder skiing or walking a long ways.

At your size I'd wager that you will need cants of some kind.  Canting with the snap on/off soles is much better than tilting the side of the boot (that only works for a few runs).  When you are canted right  you will notice that little things in your skiing will improve.

Daleboot is about 10 minutes from the airport. 
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I have the latest version of the VFF Pro. Love them. You won't be sorry.
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Well, visited the shop, had a good long conversation and work with Adam (great guy), and in the end... didn't pull the trigger on liners or boots.

No problem on their part... more on mine.  Mainly to do with whether I could get to the shop during my trip for appropriate tweaks once they built the boots (I'm at the high end of their size they would really have to work the shells to fit my foot).

But... in all our discussions, I got some really great points on things to look for in whatever I pick up.  With what they told me, I was able to really pay attention to what was going on with my Langes while skiing so I could identify the problem areas for me with boots, and what to look for in a new pair.

Again... nothing but kudos for Daleboot.
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I ski in the ST 2002 Daleboot and would never go back to the Tecnicas, Langes, etc. I've skied on in the past. 


First, the Daleboots are COMFORTABLE.


Second, with the new skis, stiffness in forward flex is no longer so important.


Third,  extremely easy to get on and off.


Fourth, Daleboots are COMFORTABLE.


Fifth, Daleboots are COMFORTABLE.




Cold Warrior

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