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opinions on Mark Ellings book

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I wonder what people on this group think of Mark Ellings book and the techniques he teaches. Would love to hear some comments - positive or negative?
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I meant his book - "All mountain skier - the way to expert skiing"
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You may be looking for instructors' opinions on this book, not students', but for what it's worth, as a new skier coming into the sport late in life, I found this book tremendously helpful.

Before reading Elling's book I had taken a few group and private lessons and found various instructors in those lessons emphasizing different concepts so I did not think I was getting a continuous progression. Certainly the lessons have their place, but I got much more out of lessons, and certainly much more out of free skiing, after reading the Elling book. Now, I often re-read chapters in the day or so before a chance to ski, to provide focus for the next day on the hill. The book provides continuity and an overall framework that was lacking in lessons at different hills with different instructors over the course of a few seasons. It was very helpful in understanding the basics - what Elling calls the skiers' "toolbox." There's a lot that I still can't ski (bumps, bumps, bumps and heavy crud). But with the Elling book, I think I understand what I CAN'T ski, which hopefully will help in eventually mastering the remaining challenges.

I also read the Harald Harb book and it was not nearly as useful. Harb's book seemed very "drill" oriented, and I couldn't take that to the hill in my head. Elling's book was much more "concept" oriented; even if I forget the particular drills he suggests, I can bring the concepts with me (outside ski dominance, steering, stance, etc.).

That said, I'm very interested in what instructors on this forum think of the book. Please don't tell me that Elling has it all wrong, and really I can't ski after all!
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I share ts01's view. Mark Elling's book "The All mountain Skier -Second Edition." is the best general "how to" book on skiing that I've read among a number of other good books. It's well organized, clearly written, nicely illustrated, current and very helpful.

Interestingly, the biggest difference between the first and revised editions is that the first edition continued to commend the sublime virtues of being able to carve on "straight" skis rather than relying on the assistance of "shaped" skis. The revised edition expunges that notion.

Bob Barnes "Encyclopedia of Skiing, 3rd Edition" is much more than a "how to" book but contains a wealth of "how to" information and excelllent illustrations and diagrams. I think a 4th edition is due out sometime soon.

Ron LeMaster's "The Skiers Edge" employs a more technical approach than Elling's book and is a good read. It also has good illustrations, diagrams and great photo montages of racers.

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Elling's book is the most comprehensive collection of tools for any skier to master the whole mountain, and put forth in a way that's easy to understand... and -- unlike anything by Messrs Harb or Tejada-Flores -- Elling never refers to himself in any way that might be self-aggrandizing.

For outright reference, Bob Barnes's Encyclopaedia of Skiing can't be beat.

Also worth your time:

How the Racers Ski by Warren Witherell. It was written 30 years ago yet remains relevant.
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