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Mid-80s demo list

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Suddenly I have a hole in my quiver to fill. Currently I have Gots, Watea 94s, Elan Mag 12s and Dynastar 8000s. I used the Mag 12s on hard snow days and only took the 8000s out when I knew I was going to be skiing a lot of bumps. My son has been on PEs for a couple of seasons  and always complained about their crud performance. We had new snow this weekend (finally) and so Sunday I loaned him the Mag 12s. Not only do they kill the crud but are far better carvers than the PEs. I don't think I'll be getting them back. My 94s do an ok job on firm CO snow but I really prefer a ski with more sidecut when skiing  groomers. Something around 17m seems right to me. The Mag 12 has been replaced years ago with the Mag 82 series. If I had to go stiffer or softer (a little) off the 12 it would be to the softer side but it seems the 82xti went stiffer. What should I be looking at?  Sultan 85? 

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You need more skis?
How many pairs of legs?

Put the money into gasoline and lift tickets.....oh you own the resort, so sorry!
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Does sound like a lot, but I'm a professional deal hunter and I've got less in my entire quiver than most retail buyers have on one set.
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How bout these?

FS: New 09 Fischer Watea 84, 184 cm, $295 shipped

The seller is a bit judgmental though
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I prefer this ski to be in the high 170s for how I use it. 
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Tromono just posted a pair of PE 179s (ski more like a 175) with bindings

I would buy them if I didn't already have a new pair.
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I've owned PEs in the past. Good all around ski, not exactly what I'm looking for.
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Mid 80's Demo list?

Rossi 4SK
Pre 1200 SP
Atomic Bionic Team SL

3 great mid 1980's Slalom skis that skied the whole mountain great. 
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BTW, I've owned two of those three, never got into Atomics.
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mid 80's list?
Choose your speed:
SL race Dynastar Course SL
GS race  Fischer RC 4 Vacuum Tech RS Super
SG and above: Kästle RX National Team SG

What about the Magfire 78?
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