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Tecnica - sole length

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What is sole length ( in mm ) of Tecnica Icon Alu boots nb 23.5 ? .For nb 24 and 24.5 sole lenhgth is 287 mm , for 23 and 23.5 it is significantly shorter , I think , but how meny ?
There are any Tecnica dealer in my area and I have no response for my e-miled question from the factory . Can anybady help me ?
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Here's a sneaky trick- go to a ski shop and look for a 23.5 boot, any vendor. Look at the heel on the inner side of the boot, on the outswide. Make sense? [img]smile.gif[/img] This is the part of the boot which sits next to the other boot when sitting on the floor. Most boots have the boot sole length stamped right there. If you can't find it, (some don't stamp them) take the boot to the back of the store and ask the tech if he or she can measure the boot sole length for you. This will take a long time.... about 15 seconds! do some shopping if you want until it's done. [img]smile.gif[/img] There ya go!

Boot sole lengths are standard for safety. A 23.5 should have the same boot sole length across vendors. BTW- The shell size of a 23 and a 23.5 is the same. We get the .5 size by using a thinner inner boot liner. Same with a 24 and a 24.5, etc. Neat, huh?
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Not so easy Ijarddog. There are not standard in boots sole lenghts . Tecnica , Salo or Head for example havn't same sole length for given size .There are even differences between varied models of same brand f.e. Tecnica Rival versus Tecnica Icon . So , if I know that Sole length of Rival for size 24 - 24.5 is 284 mm and jumps down to 274 mm for size 23 - 23.5 it dosn't mean that same jump down is for Icon series.
Question is open .
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Boot sole lengths are not standard. My 3yr old Tecnica Innotec at 23.5 (23 and 23.5 are the same shell) is 276mm. My new Salomon Xwave 8 at 23.5 (again same shell as 23) is 275mm. I didn't have to remount my bindings, but I did have to adjust them. Always make sure your bindings are properly adjusted for any new boot you get.
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Let me know Eastern what is your ordinary , everyday boot size ?
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Lobo.... i wear a women's 7 or 7 1/2 (US) depending on manufacturer. My ski boots are classified as a 6 US. Another interesting side to this is that mondopoint isn't even standardized between manufacturers. There are many that I would have to wear a 24. A good bootfitter is the only way to get it right.

My impressions on sole length is that while they vary for a given size, in most cases all you'll need to go to a new boot in your old bindings is an adjustment. Most bindings have a decent amount of adjustment before remounting is required. Depending on the binding, it may even be able to go a whole shell size different. Is this why you're asking about sole length?
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Eastern ,
I am asking becouse I replaced my old ( 6 seasons ) Explosions 8 - sole length 287 / mondo 24.5 - by new Icon Alu Comp HF - sole length 287 / mondo 24.0 and the new ones ... feel longer , actualy they are longer . So I heve to buy 23.5 if the sole length of them isn't too short for me or go to another brand . Unfortunately there are not so small sizes in the shops and I have to " try on " by the net .
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Your talking fit. Sorry. I just took apart my Tecnica 23.5 Innotec (now Rival), the liner is true to size at 23.5cm long along the bottom. The inner stock footbed (not what I ski), is 23.4 cm long. Hope this helps, measure your old inner boot. I don't think external sole length nesessarily has a direct inner boot measure conversion factor.

I would also ask Erdz, Jeff Bergeron, or GMOLFOOT from this board. They all work with that boot. Try and PM them.
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Thanks Eastern ! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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The boot-sole length for a 23/23.5 Icon Alu is 279mm

24/24.5 = 287mm

25/25.5 = 296mm

26/26.5 = 304mm

Shall I go on? Let me know if you need something else.


edited because I wasn't patient enough to read the entire thread to discover what was actually being talked about - silly me.

[ November 22, 2003, 10:19 AM: Message edited by: Inspector Gadget ]
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You are Gret Inspector ! Thanks . 23.5 cm it is length of my unweighted foot , weighted extends to 24.5 cm . I ordered between but I definitly like tighter fit .
So my advice for Icon Alu HF buyers : DOWNSIZE if you want tight firmer fit .
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Originally posted by Lobo:
You are Great Inspector ! Thanks . 23.5 cm it is length of my unweighted foot , weighted extends to 24.5 cm . I ordered between but I definitly like tighter fit .
So my advice for Icon Alu HF buyers : DOWNSIZE if you want tight firmer fit .

Thank you, but we really are talking about two different things. I'm talking about the length of the boot's sole as it interfaces with your bindings. I believe you, on the other hand, are talking about measuring from the posterior edge of your calcaneus (the tarsal bone, that in humans is the great bone of the heel) to the tips of your piggies.

Maybe you mentioned it above, but I have to add; if your weighted foot grows a full centimeter when compared to its unweighted length, you had better be using a high-quality, custom-made footbed. Purely my opinion, but you should:

  • Not leave home without a good footbed</font>
  • Have this footbed in-hand prior to purchasing your new boots</font>
  • Not make the mistake of skipping either point above</font>
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