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K2 one luv 153cm

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 I am 5'3, 110 lb. I ski with 151 cm. For extra ski, I ordered 153 cm K2 One luv, but it seems so long. It is almost reaches my head. Is it because rounded shape of tail?
I didn't ski yet with it. I will appreciate your opinion.
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It "should" be a little less than three inches shorter than you. Top of your forehead or so. Per conventional wisdom, that is an appropriate height if you are an expert skier, though of course there are many factors.
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It reaches my top of forehead. My 151 cm atomic sugar mama ski reaches my tip of nose.  I don't get that 2 cm difference is this big. Is it because of K2 design? It is heavy, too. I am aggressive skier. Shall I keep it?
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I don't know anything about that ski, but top of your forehead is appropriate for a good aggressive skier. 153cm = 5.02 feet, 151cm = 4.95 feet. The ski length that seems odd to me is the 151s.
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