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Kashmir Skiing video

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 nothing less than spectacular from the FIS guys.

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Cool video.  Thanks for posting.

Read the notice at the end and was amazed at the number of dead from the avalanche(s).
They got 135 cm. in the storm which is a hell of a dump.  Also noted that a military unit was impacted which points up the other danger in Kashmir a hot-spot between Pakistan and India.
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Not just a hot spot between Pakistan and India, the Kashmiris don't want anything to do with either (India or Pakistan) and China wants a slice of the pie as well.

Gulmarg is pretty wild, lots of soldiers in gum boots toting AK47s and RGP launchers; there to keep the peace and training to keep the borders safe (huh?  If the Indian, Pakistan and Chinia weren't there the Kashmiris wouldn't have anyone to fight with).

And cheap skiing off a two stage gondola up Mt Afarwat. But don't expect grooming or luxuries.
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It may be dangerous, but the skiing looks AWESOME!
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Kashmiris are Indians. Most of the Hindu population has been uprooted from the valley because of targeted violence over 25 years, the population prior to this was approximately 55% Muslim, 45% Hindu, many of the Hindus today still live in refugee camps, others have dispersed over different parts of India. And Kashmir is Pakistan's raison d'etre now (as opposed to the secular, though mostly muslim country it was envisioned to be by its founder, M. Ali Jinnah), otherwise this issue would be long gone and life would be pretty tranquil. The part of Kashmir which Pakistan kept after invading in 1948 is as beautiful as any other part of Kashmir, actually thinking about it, its probably even more beautiful than the part controlled by India.

Great video, Gulmarg was a pretty remarkable place, kind of stairway to heaven, pristine and unspoilt, but things change, here's to hoping peace returns to the Kashmir valley - sustainable peace, not the relative quiet prevailing today (since Pakistan has a few other problems to tend to on its Western border and N-Western provinces)

China was handed a piece of North-Western Ladakh by the Pakistanis over two decades ago, it remains a disputed area - though Chinese control is pretty much hard to shake now - its called Aksai Chin.

But there are some rays of sunshine:
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