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Looking for a GS ski

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I have been looking for a new GS ski for racing on a high school ski team. our GS courses range from about 45 sec. to 1:10 in length, I usually finish in the top 15-20 out of roughly 60 guys there, but want to get in the top 10 if possible. I have been looking at the Volkl Racetiger GS titanium, and the Blizzard Magnesium GSR IQ, in a 180cm, 181cm respectively. I am about 5'11" and 160 lbs, and ski very aggressively. I am coming from the blizzard G-force pro in a 167, and I love it, which makes me lean toward the blizzard. any recommendations are appreciated 
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 I've demo'd the Blizzard and Volkl SL's back to back and picked the Blizzard.

It comes down to what kind of feel you want out of your skis.
Both the volkl and Blizzard are great skis, but the volkl will give you a bit more feedback, while the Blizzard is calmer and buttery smooth.
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Don't get the Blizzard Mags with IQ's!
The IQ binding is not a good race binding at all (at least for me). I love Blizzard though and I think I'm getting the Blizzard WC  Mags for SL  next year.  The WC's don't have IQ  bindings.

I might have a GS suit, how much were you looking to spend?
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Thanks for the input guys, BTW maxKc, I already have a GS suit, thanks though.
So is the Volkl IPT system overall better then Blizzard's IQ system for racing? I've never tried the IPT system, but ill try to demo some volkls with it if I can
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Is 185cm too big ya think?
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Sorry about that, saw GS ski and though GS suit.
185 might be just pushing it a bit but I think you would do fine
Anything is better then the IQ for racing, awesome all mountain, terrible race binding
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