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k2 apache unbranded?

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First off please forgive me for my ignorance... I'm new to skiing just wondering about these skis I got a hold of.

I have a pair of skis, they're labeled as simply k2 apache, no submodel i.e. ranger, or recon.

Did k2 ever sell their skis as simply K2 apache? Anyone know anyone selling them?

Theres not really any other writing on them except for the same writing on the other half of the ski.


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My guess is you have a K2 ski that was made to be sold at one of the "big box" stores like Dick's Sporting Goods or Sports Authority, etc. You often see brand skis at these locations (especially K2 & Salomon) minus their "normal" model names.
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 Probably of the Sabre/Ranger level.
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Your right phil.
Some dims would help.

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Originally Posted by slider View Post

K2 Apache Raider Skis 2009

 The Raider is a mid to upper end at 78mm underfoot, a softer version of the Recon, I doubt that. 
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I'm trying to measure the "underfoot" but I have no idea where that is on the ski.  I tried searching but didn't find anything on it. So could someone please give me a little direction?

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Might be hidden under the binding.
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Actually, check on the sidewall of the ski, might be light etchings on it.  I have many K2 skis, the serial number is usually etched, might be other info as well.
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It says on the ski

turn radius 12m
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I would also like some feedback on these skis as I just purchased a pair last week.

My dealer stated that these were sold to ski resorts and they use them as rentals.

If anyone has some feedback on the catagory which these skis fall under it would be nice to know.

I have skied on these 3 times and Im really satisfied with them thanks.

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This might be the wrong place for feedback on them.  Reading the description, it says they are for "new skiers".  Most of the members are not "new skiers".  And most new skiers don't know enough to give much feedback.  If you like them, that's all that counts. 
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