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Forgive me if this has been discussed before, but I've done a search and nothing came up... I'm looking to be getting a new pair of ski boots in the near future and have recently become aware of the Raichle Flexon/ Full Tilt/ Dalbello 3 piece design. I see things saying the flex is more natural, easier to get into, flex adjustability by swapping tongues (which I think is really cool), etc.. In all the reviews I've seen, it looks that the only advantage overlap boots have is the stiffness factor- and I've heard the new 10 flex from FT is equivalent to a 130-140 flex- I'm not a GP racer so I sure wouldn't need anything stiffer than that.

I realize the best boot is one that fits YOU, but say you fit into an overlap and a FT exactly the same- what are the pros and cons of each?