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Boot Advice

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 Hi Everyone,
i just joined these forums yesterday, but I am wondering if you guys can give me some boot advice. I am an avid skier, but I am looking into getting more serious in the sport, and I am looking to buy my first pair of boots. I am considering a custom made pair of surefoot boots. I guess my question is, does it matter what year the boots are? As in should I invest in a pair of boots for the rest of this season or would it be better to wait until the next ski season to buy a pair of boots or does it even matter?

Thanks in advance for your guy's help.



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the best thing any of us can tell you is to find a good boot fitter and let them guide you through the process... do you really need a custom liner? how much skiing do you do each year?

often it is better to get the shell which fits the foot really well and the stock liner will last you for a good while, if you have difficult to fit feet then prehaps a custom liner is a good option, but it is impossibe to say on the internet.

the first thing to do is read the wikis at the top of the boot guys section they give information on what to look for and a list of all the fitters who post on here, one of them is sure to be able to give you a great fitting pair of boots, and i would always choose an independant store with a recomended fitter over a chain store

on your question about this year or next, it won't make much difference, there are a few changes for next season but not any that should prevent you from getting great boots this year, unless the store has run out of your size

BTW let us know your location, if there isn't a listed fitter near you we may know someone in the area

good luck
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 Hi CEM,


Thanks for the advice, I have updated my location as you had requested. I will take a look at the wikis and see what I can find.
I figured that if I am going to be investing in a pair of boots I thought that maybe it would be a  much better investment to get the perfect fitting pair of boots. I mean I could buy a pair of ski boots and use them until I wear out the liner then get a custom liner put in as well. As for the amount of skiing I am going to do, I am not sure. I went skiing quite a bit but I have always rented, until about 4-5 years ago. My schedule became too hectic and I couldn't get away from work nor school. Last christmas I went to Austria to go skiing with my ex and her family and it made me wonder how I could ever have stopped skiing. So now I want to really get back into the sport and become a little more serious about it. I will also be moving abroad for work in about a year (working on getting a work visa with my company) and I know I will be skiing all the time there. So there is a little background info about myself. 

I forgot to ask, what do you think about surefoot?

Thanks again for your post.


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Better to ask what the forum thinks of Surefoot.  Check out the invited Epic boot fitter staff and see if any are Surefoot fitters.

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it would be unprofessional for me to comment, what i do know is the guys on the list have been invited to post here for a reason
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 I have looked at the list and I have done some more research on the forums and on the internet. The problem is that I cannot find a boot fitter remotely close to me. I don't mind making a little drive for a professional boot fitter. The only place I know of is ski net, Docs ski haus, and surefoot. I know that nobody is going to be able to pick a boot for me over the internet, but I would (I think everyone does) at least like to get an honest opinion from one of these places. 
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