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WTB Race Ski Tuning Set

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Hey looking to by a race ski tuning set.  If anyone has an idea of where to get a good cheap one or has one they want to get rid of that'd be great!
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 If you're looking for true high-end tuning supplies, get ready to spend a good amount of money.  I've spent well over $1000 in tuning supplies and tools (and not paying full retail on any of it)
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Wow! I was thinking 300ish but 1000!!!
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The terms 'race tuning set' and 'cheap' are highly variable. (Quality tools at below wholesale cost? )

Defining what you need versus what you have would help. Our weblog has a lot of general shop set up and FAQs to check out to maybe help reduce variables. Or give a shout to discuss. We could put together a package. If you become an EpicSki Supporter you can receive 10% off on top of already reduced prices and sale items.

You can set up a 'wish list' or cart after setting up an account (see link below) I can also access to help put together a thorough, quality, value oriented kit.
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Most people acquire this stuff a little at a time.   While it is very easy to acquire over $1000 worth of tuning gear (some of these rediculous waxes and overlays are priced like gold).  I would say that if you include vises, you can get a good start with $250-$300 if you shop around.  If you dont need vises then you are at least $100 ahead of the game.
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