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91[d]skeatesyhomemadeskiis.JPGin the 1960's i invented what is now called today a snow board canberra australia as a young teenage i was not able to aford ski gear to go to the local mountains to ski or camp there unless i used huts which we carefully did and hitch hiked there some 60 miles away at mt.franklin so even finding the materials to build my own epuipment was near impossible but it came ..the snow board was made out of some klinky pine and leather straps and i steamed up the end as i only had one piece of timber i decided to invent a whole new approach which is now a multi national industry .and that was to stand on this ski board like a surffer on the ocean and that took practice and my father still has it up in his shed atic ..i made my own gloves out of fur ..and plastic sheet was still not a common item to get hold of then but when we did we made a shelter tent out of it ..bindings can be made from alloy strip for any boot and a leather strap to hold to ...and poles out of bamboo..after a life long commitment to out door ski camping and bying the most up to date gear for it and modifying it for australian conditions i like to go back to my original ideas and be one with the wild .
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