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rossignol axium sts skis

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I'm new here, but I had a question about a pair of never used skis I saw for sale online. I consider myself to be a somewhere between a beginner and an intermediate skier. So, I saw this pair of skis: Rossignol Axium STS's. After doing a little research, both on this site and on google, I found that these were meant to be rental skis and were made during 2004-2005. The sidecut measurements are: 106-69-97, they are 160 cm long, and the turn radius is 15 meters. What I could not find anything about was the recommended skier level or how flexible the skis are. What I do know is I tried using my Dad's skis yesterday (rossi bandit B1's, 168 cm). I was able to get used to them, but I felt a bit more comfortable on shorter rental skis I have used before that were geared more toward beginner-intermediate skiers. So here's the question: would these skis be suitable for a skier of my skill? I can ski most runs around here in the midwest but some harder black diamonds and the double blacks are generally a bit too advanced. Also I cannot ski moguls yet. Sorry about the long post, but I figured it would be best to include all of the information I thought could be relevant.

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Hey there, and welcome to EpicSki!
I can't speak for the Rossignol Axium STS's I've actually never heard of that but maybe there is such a thing. Anyways,
I ski the Rossignol Axium STX in a 169 and I have for almost 4 seasons now. They're a fairly flexible and forgiving skiing, moderate sidecut, narrow underfoot. They were recommended to me as a beginner (2nd season) and they've taken me all the way from my first blue run to the glades on the north face :). If you're just learning they're a great ski to progress on. I can't say I had any real complaints in learning on them. They survived my abuse on them for 3 1/2 seasons and I'm just now replacing them and to me that's actually impressive for one pair of skis! I'd recommend them if you're just learning and looking for something to take you a little bit farther.
Good luck!
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