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2011 Tecnica

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Hi guys,

I am interested in Tecnica's new race and semi-race boots for 2011. What are the differences in fit and geometry compared to the current Race R and Pro models? I saw some pics and they look similar to the Nordicas. If so, do they have lateral cant built into the mold? The current boots have a neutral lower.

Thank you.


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 The product manager tells me the angles are now the same as the Nordicas.  I skied them last week and felt like the heel was a bit higher than Nordica but I could be mistaken?  Don't know exact details.  They do have a few different thickness lifter plates available to screw right in existing hole pattern which can easily be planed or used to change delta angle.
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Do they have less FL than the current Diablo models?

One more thing. Do they have lateral cant built into the lower like the Nordicas?

Thanks again.
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FL is more upright than diablo
lower shell is neutral to planet earth

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