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Despite forecasts that didn't call for any significant accumulation in the mountains this past week, Alta and Solitude got at least a foot of snow between Thursday and Sunday morning. While you could scrape through the "powder" layer and hit the hard stuff underneath, once you got off the groomed runs and into the trees, in the bowls at Alta or through the gates into Honeycomb at Solitude, it was real hero snow and skiing was great. On Friday on piste the new snow was quickly skied away, but through the gates, the snow was great. Face shots on Stoney, High Nowhere and off Chartreuse. Very flat light, but let the bumps tell you where to turn. Great snow in Greeley Bowl and under Eddie's. On most of these there was still untracked snow to ski. At Solitude, the best snow was in the Cirque, and especially through the gates into Black Forest, Navarone, Buckeye Junior and Here Be Dragons. Much better contrast since we spent most of the day in the trees. This wasn't a real powder dump, but the skiing was still great. And since much of the snow through the gates still had places that were untracked, it couldn't have been better. Best part of Saturday was watching my 15-year old daughter ski the double blacks without a care or concern. Great days this weekend.