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Boot sizing?

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I have looked at this on the internet and everything, but it all confuses me. I usually ask for a size 10 boot when i rent ski boots, but i have been looking online and measuring my foot and everything, but some things just seem strange to me. Size 10 in us boots is a 28 in mondopoint, but most mens boots i see are like size 26 or so mondopoint, but most people i see have over a size 10 foot, so is my logic wrong or something? Im just all around confused. Can anyone clear up sizing for me, because i'm getting boots soon and want to make sure i know what size to get.
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your boot fitter will help you with the sizes.

Wikis will have some good info on boots.

shell fit is a good starting point,   5-15mm behind the heel.

most people will be a few sizes smaller then the measured size
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