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good trip suggestions...?

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hello all, first post on these forums,so ill say thanks to all the welcomes that are sure to follow.

anyhow Ive recently taken skiing back up after only a couple of day trips to very small ( by most of your standards) resorts in the last 15 years. in my heyday,(late teens to mid twenties, 37 now) i skied often at small but fun peek n peak, and holiday valley both in western new york (i live in western p.a), my biggest trip was 3 days in Maine, two at Sunday river, and one at sugarloaf with two friends and we stayed  at one of there homes. i am an advanced intermediate, and can ski almost any black and prob a few doubles if conditions are right,though i have no powder experience. me and my best ski buddy from back in the day, are planning a big trip somewhere without our families for 2010-11. we want something memorable, but affordable. the Olympics probably have something to do with it, but i have the whistler-blackomb bug at the moment. also interested in mammoth, Stowe, Tahoe...etc. since families aren't going and we aren't single, the skiing is most important and not so much the lodging and night life.

my equip.
blizzard x cross parabolic 170cm (just bought off a friend and like them very much so far)
mid level nordica spx boots (1992ish) old i know but still comfy and in good shape.

thanks to all who reply and happy swooshing.....
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If you have the Whistler-Blackcomb bug I highly recommend you check out  Revelstoke Mountain
Huge verticals like Whistler, you'll get some fantastic in-bounds runs that feel like you are skiing out of bounds, and there are still some deals to be had for less expensive accommodation if you stay in town rather than on-mountain (town is still only a 10 minute drive from the gondola base) . IMHO, the skiing is definitely on par with W/B but with much less resort glitter. FANTASTIC mountain.
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thanx a bunch. thats the kinda thing im looking for..ill head to that link now.....
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Me and my buds have done a few trips to Utah and skied the Cottonwood Canyons for pretty low cash compared to Colorado or Tahoe. Stowe is too expensive if you stay east. If you decide to stay east look at Jay or even Saddleback. There is killer snowmobiling around if you want a day off the slopes to do something else and the prices at SB are probably top 5 value in New England.
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utah....another fine suggestion. always wanted to ski snowbird.
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any other thoughts out there?
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Fly into Reno, rent a car or take the have Mt. Rose, the north shore of Lake Tahoe, the south shore of Lake Tahoe, Kirkwood
Fly into Albukookoo, rent a car, explore Taos
Fly into SLC, rent a car or take a shuttle, explore Park City, or the two Cottonwood Canyons
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I zoned out when i saw the word "parabolic".
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Originally Posted by CoachDoug View Post

any other thoughts out there?

1) Try the "Resorts, Conditions and Travel" forum

2) Try the search function
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Don't waste your time in the East.  If you're going to travel and spend money, do it in the West.  If you do happen to go to Utah, avoid Park City and be sure to visit Snowbasin (try the Strawberry Gondola and explore).
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Coach, on the day you started this thread there was some "big trip" type skiing just 90 minutes from you at Blue Knob:

Honestly, you could throw a dart at the maps of CO, UT or New England and find a great ski destination.  Just depends on the size of your budget and dream.  Airfare usually winds up being a driver for western trips and the cheapest fares are into Denver, SLC and Northern California/Reno.  Whatever you do, get in some local trips before the big one so you'll get the most out of your vacation.
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blue knob?? no disrespect, but we could do that on any given knob looks nice, but its no sugarloaf, and certainly is no Sunday river. we want a "BIG" trip. top of the list is Whistler for sure but there are plenty of other places. 90% sure we are coming west though, that much we know.

and you gotta love wannabe forum moderators...
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Big Sky, MT (for terrain, snow condition and lack of skiier pressure, this is a not very well known gem)
Squaw Valley
Jackson Hole (although this is starting to get crowded and expensive)
Whistler (for sheer size)

IMO most of the other 'big resorts' (vail, copper mountain, park city, steamboat, etc) are a waste of time, crowded, expensive, crappy snow, lift lines, etc.
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