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How often do you tune?

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Do you tune your skis based on number of days skied, number of trips or based on the calendar? Do conditions and how aggressively you skied play into it?

5'7" 170lb, Volkl AC50 163cm, Lange Fluid 80, medium aggressiveness, mostly groomed runs in Colorado and West Virginia.
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It's based on how lazy I am.  If I'm not feeling lazy it's wax the night before based on the weather forecast, and of course touch up the edges before waxing.  If I'm lazy I can leave the skis alone for three days of skiing.

I got lazy and didn't wax/sharpen for a couple of days, hit an unseen patch of ice mid-corner, and skis slid out, put skis back down, skis came off, ran over skis with upper leg hip.  Impressive bruise still there two weeks later.  Probably wouldn't have made any difference if edges had been sharper, but I look at it as punishment for being lazy.
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Frequent tuning will keep you in touch with your gear, and you'll notice how it's holding up. a plus in itself.

Expert off-piste skiers destroy their skis a lot faster than other skiers, due to rocks on the mountain where they ski. So, much more need to de-burr every time you ski.

If you ski groomers where coverage is good, de-burring and sharpening is almost un-necessary. Wax every couple days is all.

You can feel it when you hit a rock. That would be the day to do some work on the edges.
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