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New Boots and a Tahoe Quiver Starter

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This is the year to finally replace my 22 year old boots and skis. Actually, I haven’t used those boots or skis since I moved to the Bay Area 8 years ago (the boots were rear entry Nordicas and the skis were 205 cm Dynastar Course SLs). The arrival of my children during that time kept my days on the snow fairly limited, so I relied on rentals and demos. But now the kids are as enthusiastic about skiing as I am, and I foresee many more days of skiing in our future. Any advice is welcome and appreciated.
About me:
Level: 7-ish. I can "get down" anything, but only do so with grace on greens, blues, and groomed blacks. That said, I am an aggressive skier and like to push myself, and with more days on the slopes I hope to improve over the coming years, especially off piste, on the steeps, in the trees, and in the bumps.
Terrain Preferences: I have recently discovered the joy of carving fast GS turns down steep black groomers, but I tend to spend the majority of my time seeking out steep, ungroomed terrain. For example, I really enjoyed skiing The Chutes at Mt Rose a few days after a good storm last year (even though I probably never linked more than two or three turns). I also really enjoy skiing in the bumps (where I also have trouble linking turns when it gets steep) and occasionally I hit the terrain park with my kids.
Height: 6'
Weight: 165
Age: a fit 40
As far as boots are concerned, I will be in Truckee next Thursday through Sunday (Feb 18-21). Are there any recommendations for specific ski shops or boot fitters? Any specific advice on ensuring I get the best fit possible? This is one area where I am willing to splurge a bit to dial in the perfect fit (e.g. custom foot beds, etc.).
I want to get the boots first so that I can consistently evaluate skis. Later this year I’d like to make the first entry into what I hope will grow into a two or three ski quiver for Tahoe. It seems to me the logical starting point is an 80-95 mm "all mountain" ski that I can use for "average" Tahoe conditions (e.g. it has been more than a few days, but less than a few weeks, since the last significant snowfall). The second addition will depend on how the first performs and on how I improve, but I suspect it will be a dedicated powder ski, and the third (if there is a third) could be a dedicated carver.
I have done a bunch of reading and research online, which has unfortunately resulted in a long list of potential skis, all of which seem to be great. I need help narrowing this list down to a handful of skis that are appropriate for my abilities and preferences, and that strike a good performance balance for ‘average’ Tahoe conditions.
Here’s my (long) list:
Atomic Blackeye TI
Blizzard Magnum 8.7
Blizzard Titan Cronus
Dynastar Legend Sultan 85
Elan magfire 82 XTI
Fischer Watea 84
K2 Apache Explorer
Kastle MX 88
Kastle FX 84
Line Chronic Cryptonite
Moment Tahoe
Rossignol Phantom SC 87
Salomon XW Fury
Scott Punisher
Stockli Rotor 84
Volkl AC50
If any of you have personal experience with these skis (positive or negative), please let me know. Also let me know if there are other skis I should consider (although my goal is to shorten, not lengthen, my list!). I'd like to get the list down to a handful of skis that I can demo before buying later this year.
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but like you said,  find a good boot fitter first, and talk to them
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