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Do they fog?

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Everybody needs some of these. 


Do these qualify for heads up display or what?
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I played around with a pair of these last week... interesting. It will be cool to see a finished production pair. 
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I just bought a pair. I will be trying them out this weekend. I am having some trouble getting them to fit. The display is tough to line up. When I do get it lined up, the nose pads sort of block my nose.

That said, the display is outrageous and the lens color with the change is perfect. I am highly impressed. The fit is odd though and I am wondering if anyone has the same issue.

I cant wait to try these out.
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Ok, skied them for 7 days now. They are perfect. They do not fog. The display is perfect and because of the clock, I was never late picking up my kids. These things rock!
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20 days now. I tried my Scott sphericals and smith turbofans and the zeal transcend is still awesome. The goggle alone is superior, but add in a very god gps display, clock, and download is awesome. Thy overlay my runs om an interactive trail map this overlays google maps. They just couldn't be cooler.
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