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Talk to me about Telluride

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 thinkin of bookin a trip there for mid march (17/18-21).  am looking at the Viking Lodge aka Teluride Lodge, right next to the Coonskin Lift (7).  good price, 207/night but i can beat that i think.  how is that mountain?  is that a good time as ever to go there?  i hear it's a drive from denver tho but worth it.  is it an expensive town?  will i be in snootsville?

should i book through to try and get cheap lift tickets?

any input is greatly appreciated
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i heard it was cool and funky...

this is the song i play on 90% of my "last run of the day"s.
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 that was GOLD.
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I have stayed at the Montana Placer Inn several times Half a block from Chair 8 / Gondola, under $200, but no real kitchen, very nice rooms, comfortable and clean, I'll stay here when traveling alone as I eat most meals out. I prefer to stay close to Chair 8 and the Gondola. I have stayed at Viking Village and it is fine, but it is a few more blocks from town. Another centrally located spot that we have stayed at several times is Fall Line Condos two blocks from Chair 8 / Gondola and even closer to the center of town. Not as updated but I don't need much, these are 2 bedroom full kitchen and living room and priced at under $200 (bargain). We stay here when traveling with the kids to cook breakfast to start the day and save a few bucks. Just my opinion but staying closer to the Gondola / center of town  is the way to go. Conditions should be amazing that time of year. The drive from Denver is long 5.5 to 6.5 depending on road conditions and rate of speed.
Will you be in "snootsville"?? Hardly, unless that's the crowd you want to hang with, depends which bar, pub, saloon you choose. Town is expensive especially the realestate, it is a resort town. I enjoy eating dinners out when on vacation. You can find reasonable burgers and pizza, or finer dining if you choose.
Not sure where you are coming from, but flying into Montrose is much more convenient then renting a car and driving back and forth from Denver. (we did the Denver rent and drive once and only once)
Let us know what you think after you go, Hope you like it as much as we do.
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 hey thanks for the input there!  definitely considered.  i'm just lookin for a nice place, reasonable price, close to those lifts so i can UP and Go.  There's a chance i may be heading out solo because friend's don't have the same work schedule as me.  

as for me, i'm 26 and an all-mountain guy.  i like to party but if i'm solo i got my witts about me.  after the hill is another story.  i'm not lookin for a honkytonk but a nice fun establishment for which i can drink away the night in, wake the up the next morning, and get back out there and rip it!

i will be sure to post some kind of recap of my trip, when/if it pulls through.  and darn it if i have to dip into funds again, i just want some colorado!  i might make a few stops along the way too. visit some friends
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should i book through to try and get cheap lift tickets?


Otherwise, window rate is $93/day!

If you're by yourself, the Victoria Inn or Ice House might be cheaper. (the V I isn't an inn, just a motel. but clean and well-maintained)
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