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differences between 2009 and 2010 Watea 94's?

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 first just want to say i've been lurking here for a little while, great forum with tons of info.  Always seemed to be the top hit in google whenever i looked up these skis too ;)

i'm interested in getting a pair of fischer watea 94's for use out west (lucky enough to go for a week every winter to park city, my parents retired and moved out there a while ago).  i've been skiing on volkl supersport all-stars @175 for the last 4 years, so obviously this would be a pretty big difference.

i've found both 2009 and 2010 versions of this ski for pretty good prices, unfortunately i was unable to demo either during this year's trip, so I was hoping someone who has tried both years' versions could compare the effect of the changes in 2010 (mainly the powder hull thing) and recommend which version to get... i'm thinking 178 length

what could i expect the 2010's to drop to in the next couple months (i've seen around $440 recently)?

I demoed rossignol phantom sc 87's (it was free...) for an afternoon just to get see how i'd handle a wider ski, not too different but the ski seemed a little boring, it handled everything fine but i wasn't really excited by it.

i'm a level 8 skier, 6 ft 180lbs, no backcountry or park but i ski pretty much anything that's lift serviced at the 3 park city resorts (we ski at those 3 probably 90% of the time when I go out there.)  Especially enjoy trees, bowls and bumps, but i'll find myself on plenty of blues and groomers too skiing with my folks.

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First of all, welcome to EpicSki!

Can't help you with info about the differences between the 2010 and 2009 versions since I've only skied the 2008 (same as the 2009) version.  I can tell you they are fantastic skis and you will love them.  I liked mine a lot, but decided that I bought them too short and sold them last spring.  I'm the same size as you and had the 178, but should have gone 186.  The 94's are light, easy to turn skis and you won't even notice the extra length.  Their only shortcoming is in crud and broken snow where the extra length will help.  They are great on groomers for a wider ski.

There are multiple pairs of 178's and 186's for sale here on epic right now




The 2010 versions will go down to around $400 at some point, but not till the end of March or in April/May.

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Forgot to mention you should watch Tramdock.com for the Watea 94's.  They have been showing up there a lot over the last few months for $325.

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