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Getting in shape for ski racing!

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So i race and now that my season is pretty much almost done i need to get a routine together so I stay in shape. If anyone has any ideas that would be great! I do lift weights (the getting ripped series with jari love) and I plan on cycling at a nearby park. if there are any other ideas it would be greatly appreciated, I also do volleyball so workouts that work for both would be great! thanks :)
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 You'll find some differing perspectives on the best way to train for skiing.  This thread covers it pretty well: 

And to be a bit self-promotional, here's a link to the podcast interview I did for Tom Lambert's ultraskier podcast about training for skiing:



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I'm a college student taking 19 hours, so I find getting to a gym is near impossible.  I do p90x, yet I am looking for more ski oriented exercises versus bulk.  I'm 5'8" and weigh 200 lbs, and don't have a beer-gut (yet).  I've seen the recommended paper bag exercise, but I'm not to keen on sharing my mouth space with others so I'll most likely perform that one on my own.  I was wondering if there were any other in-home-exercises that might be effective in preparing for a ski season.

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