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Sometimes a link will carry over and your test will be underlined.  The fix is to highlight the link and use the UNLINK icon which is right net to the LINK icon.

I figured out this rocket science stuff after 14,000 posts, but it might take Bonni longer
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Fixed it, Cirque.  Ya learn something every day.

I still feel the same, but it's been foggy and humid here, so it's like the East, in a way.   Plus, I'm working hard to put things away and  CLEAN.   I've never seen a house that didn't need some form of deep cleaning before you put things away, and this is no exception, having been empty for a long time.

The paint job will be a major undertaking, although most of the paint flakes off in chunks just with a touch.   Still, it's work.

6 days to get here, Sibhusky wins the hat and shirt, but I'll forward it to any address you prefer.  :)

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Gee, there's a guy visiting here NOW that might want it, but you'll probably miss that window.  Definitely NOT my brand.  I'm sure I'll find someone to give it to, tho.  I'll Facebook you with the addy.
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Good on ya!
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post

Ya'll want reefer with your diesel?  We got it!  (check out #3)

I want a key to go and I want it now.

reefer with that.JPG
Damn! So that's why those Flying J tuna sandwiches taste so good!
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That ain't tuna, Darlin'!


I'm in heaven here...........there's RADIO.......and a Sunday Night Blues Show on the X.  WHEE!!!!!!!


Where in hell is that GarryZ?   He's not answering his phone.  He must be in Seattle.  Or dead.    Garry, dude, call me!

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Hi Bonni. I'll call ya tomorrow I've been staying at the mountain and I tend to neglect my phone or I am often lost to any service. I got more excuses if you need them . Ask my Mom. I'm on her shit list for sure .
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I won't be home.  haha
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Where's that middle finger emoticon ?  Oh never mind. I found you quite easily since I do nothing early these days. You locals sure do get up early.

Did I tell you about my student who left a ten foot blood trail  in the lift line  ? Hmm.  All I gotta say is it's best to let your group load ahead of you so you can look them over in some way.  I really came close to losing one .
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Yeeps!  Middle finger laceration? 

I'll ski you on Wed if I can find my ski bag!
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We must post some ski stoke in this infamous thread.   We did ski Mt. Spokane on a bluebird day.

GarryZ invokes peace on the hill.
Mt. Spokane March 10 2010 039.JPG

Let's go there.   I'm game.
Mt. Spokane March 10 2010 024.JPG

This is a repost from the lounge, but it's a classic.   I was nice and didn't use my pole for nefarious reasons.
Mt. Spokane March 10 2010 033.JPG

Me and daughter Ging have some fun.   She ditched work to play with me.  She hasn't been on a snowboard for 7 years, and did very well indeed.
Mt. Spokane March 10 2010 035.JPG

Love the view!  Mt. Spokane rocks.
Mt. Spokane March 10 2010 047.JPG

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Got a settlement for the damages.  $330 reimbursed directly from Penske (for the rental fee) the day I turned in the truck.   And a check for my damaged possessions for $3200.00 came in the mail on Friday.  I can't complain.
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Can't believe I missed this thread, especially since LM already posted here about the Flying J Tuna.

Upon reading it, you have helped me make up my mind, Bonni. I was going to rent me a Penske 24 or 26 footer and bring the furniture I bought in Raleigh (nice couch, bed, some other pieces, appliances etc.) up to Dillon in June. We could stand to replace some of the stuff in Dillon, and this is stuff in Raleigh I only got 2 or 3 years ago.

After reading this - screw it, if it doesn't fit in the Safari AWD with the back seat out, it's going to Goodwill in NC.

Note that I specifically planned to rent a Penske, because they're well known to be better-maintained than U-Haul. My one and only "Adventure in Moving" with U-Haul was about 8 years ago moving my son's stuff up from Boca (arrgh!) to Gainesville. My U-Haul 26-footer only made it 100 miles on the FL Turnpike before the brakes locked up, started smoking and then proceeded to flames.

Six hours later, a tow driver who brought a creepy predator with him who wanted then-14-year-old Kara to sit on his lap, and one of those "professional re-packing" jobs to the new truck the next morning (obviously the same crew) and I got a slightly less-crappy POS.

Then they called the FL state police on me a month after I returned the truck for me stealing the vehicle.

So I swore, "Next time, Penske or nothing".


Anyhow I don't want to haul much - need to get rid of stuff, not add to it. After all, 50% shot we'll end up moving to MT, OR, WA, or NorCal in a year anyway. Not like I have a job anymore...

Now if YOU get antsy for the open road and want to do a convoy, no worries. My son Greg is up for it too. Sure, he doesn't care - he wasn't in the flaming POS truck. Just his stuff...
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I had good luck with a U-Haul truck from Denver to Kalispell about 3-4 years ago.  Packed the truck totally by myself and they provided all the packing quilts and handtruck for me.  No air conditioning and the radio was only AM, but beyond that, everything was fine. 
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Hi Bonni, there is only one question worth posing:   Did you take your ski's?   And, does the cat box come with skis ?

Drive safe.
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Pete, yer two months late.....this was the drive OUT in Feb

and by the way,,,,happy birthday!
Originally Posted by Pete No. Idaho View Post

Hi Bonni, there is only one question worth posing:   Did you take your ski's?   And, does the cat box come with skis ?

Drive safe.
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