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Grinding zeppa...

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If I,d like to make zeppa a bit thiner, in order to create more room above instep, should I begin by grinding under heel area only or by grinding evenly all along, from heel to toe ?
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What is the boot model? A better option would be stretch the shell in the instep area. Messing with the zeppa could get tricky.
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This is Atomic Race Tech.
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 I always start grinding zeppas at the heel until i get the height I want then blend the grind (belt sander) forward until the transition is smooth.  You will not have to remove more than a few millimeters to make a substantial difference above the instep.  Be careful not to reduce the toe height.

Lowering the heel of the zeppa will reduce the ramp angle.  Make certain you want to do that.  Consider grinding the tongue thinner in the instep area if you don't want to change zeppa angle.

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Thanks for leading me Lou ! The liner is ZipFit WC so I don't want to grind the tongue. In case of odd fillings after reducing ramp angle there is an easy way back to original shape.
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whilst you shouldn't grind the tongue, have you massaged all the cork paste out of the area and into the shin area, this can give you a few mm of extra space that is often neglected
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Yes CEM, I did that in the first place, still too tight. The flaps of lower shell are very short in Atomics RT, that is the problem, I even replaced instep hitch by longer one to be able fasten it.
Do you stock GARA liners 235 size ?
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 I've been selling Zips for years and other than the new Indy have no reservations about grinding tongue. Clearly Colin has a different opinion, but speaking for my store I'd say grind carefully but I think you'll be able to get some space without ruining the liner.

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not sure what liners you have in stock but i am sat here looking at the ones i have on the shelf right now (all 09/10 stock W/C, G/P and Gara) there is now a large window in the tongue, there isn't much of an area of plastic to grind.... sure you or I could grind the plastic if it is in the area where you need the space, but i wouldn't suggest it to a consumer... (the last time i did they decided to grind the tonge window!!!)

Lobo, i did have the gara in 23.5 now only got 225, 255, 275 in that model
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