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I've seen this image somewhere before. I've owned almost every one of the bump specific skis and i've got to tell you. They are OLD! but let me tell you a story about old bump skis.

I ski with a group of friends that do 80%of our skiing on bumps. the other 20% is because the bumps are showing rocks or theres new powder. Anyway one day one of the group shows up with a pair of never used first generation Hart f17 just like your photo. blk with red design. They have to be close to 10 years old with ess bindings (no longer made) but they adjust front and rear like a rental binding. We all tried them out and every one of us were astonished at these. They were as good as of better than what we were using. including the wall mogul, twister, new f17's amd moment. Our final conclusion was that the evolution of bump skis haven't changed much. The core may start to break down and the edges may be compromised beyond being acceptable sharpness but if you were to buy 6 pair of the bump skis of your choice and bring them out after a year or so. they would be competitive.!

However! We bump skiers are soo vain that we couldn't be caught with old equipment!   

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Hi - Great ski collection!


Mind if I ask a few questions about it?

Did you really need to buy  so many skis?  That is, did the skis degrade from one season to the next? If so, how do you notice the degradation?  

Cracks/broken/lost edges I can understand, but other than that I'm not sure how a ski wears out.


What in your opinion were / are the best Moguls skis / best mogul ski qualities?


I've skied K2 612, Ross 4M, and currently K2 Cabrawler.   I think my favorite is the 4M because it felt cozy.  I could bend my knees and hit the bumps

head on and I  would suck them up as time seemed to slow down a bit. This always worked better in soft spring conditions.  :)


The Cabrawlers are nice, and quick, but not as much fun taking straight at the moguls. I don't know if it is just my older knees or the skis?  A little of both?

They are pretty snappy, and not so "cozy".


Is the coziness difference between the 4M and the Cabrawler mostly due to the foam in the 4M and wood in the Cabrawler? 


Thanks for any info,


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I would recommend the Moment Mowgli.

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