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Originally Posted by quant2325 View Post

HEAD should have changed their racing line to a gold color, to represent the Olympic Gold medals won.  As the ski soften, they should decorate them with a silver and bronze color with the same HEAD logo. 

Dead rock stars are OK, since there is nothing really new so they might as well go with the music the skiers on those boards like.   WTF is with the feminine studded ski straps on Bode's skis?  Snowboarders and freestylers like that look, not racers.
I hear ya, Just like the Olympics, Head is trying to get this new age youth to get into skiing as we are an ageing population,  if you have a good look at all younger racers there is some"bling" some where, and as for the graphics for this year ski's, across the board it looks like the ski world has gone ..............gone   well crazy. Still do you remember the old nevica fluro one piece?? Stretch pants for thousands uurrrrggghhh so with all that said,  its progression, in one way or another---Most watched olympic events Halfpipe-(you just gotta give Shaun White credit for that final run) Boardercross- slopestyle (N.Z news BBC reporter) I was hanging out for the G.S and Slalom but not as much coverage.
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Actually before the current Head race-ski look.....they were gold.  Everything Head was gold or yellow, even the boots.  They looked good but the new style "pops" more and looks more racy IMHO.

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Got any news about the Chip or Icon TT?
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Chip series is the Chip 66 (Icon 80), Chip 71 (SuperShape Magnum), Chip 78 (Peak78) same as last year, other than the change from railflex to power rail I don't think much change from this season.

Icon 80 unchanged.  Graphics a little bolder with a green shadow effect to the font. 

Have not skied either yet but have seen both.

Chip 66 - sizes 152, 158, 164, 170, 176
dimensions for 170 118-66-102 radius 13.4

Chip 71 - sizes 156, 163, 170, 177
dimensions for 170 121-71-107 radius 13.5

Chip 78 - sizes 165, 171, 177, 183
dimensions for 171 124-78-110 radius 14.6

Icon 80 - same sizes and dimensions as chip 66

In the ladies series the Perfect One and Fine one are similar to Icon series.
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That's really too bad  (and strange) that Head would mess with the Peak 78.  It is such a proven winner, and is already plenty soft and forgiving...are they just trying to make it more versatile by improving soft snow performance, and if so, have they succeeded?  Because, it was spot on for hardpack duty as it was.

Also, you mention that 177 is the preferred size for you for the new Peak 78.  Is that the case also for the old Peak 78, and if so why?  I ask, because, being a lover of the im 78 171cm., I have been wondering if I should try moving to the 177cm.  I do seem to remember you preferring the 171 when it first came out and felt it to be more versatile

Originally Posted by dawgcatching View Post

I skied the Peak 78 and 88, and they were solid skis.  Due to the soft tip, I went up to 180cm in the 88, and it ripped at that length. Damp, smooth, good edge hold on some really firm snow, and fun in the bumps: just an all-around really reliable ski that did everything I asked. It felt truly like a 50/50 ski, as it didn't really "excel" anywhere, but it was super solid everywhere. Most of the skis I tried (like the Helldiver i-Core from Nordica or the Kendo from Volkl) seem to have a preferred terrain and turn type which they really like, and give the user a bit of trouble elsewhere. Not so the Peak 88.    The Peak 78 I could only try in a 171cm (it is detuned with a softer tip and 1 sheet of metal) and felt shorter, and more of a carver in that length.  The proper length for me is 177cm in that ski.  Still good edge hold, and I was skiing some super firm overnight re-freeze that had yet to soften up. 

iTitan is sweet, and is a lot of ski.  The 177cm felt really long and GS like, the 170cm was very fun in the bumps, on groomers, and in crud at speed. Very high speed limit for such a short ski, and tons of energy. Fairly forgiving for such a powerful ski, too.  
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How come i can never find much of Head skis at all on the market? Especially the Icon and Chip line? I suppose it isnt that popular? I can find the Peak line and the Rocker line in a lot of abundance actually... Thanks!
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Depends where you are and where you are looking.

The chip skis are very expensive and a lot of shops special order these.  The Icon is a carving series (as are the chips basically).  Peak is all mountain and the Dead Rock Star series for off piste mainly.  Seems from your description that shops you frequent are more all mountain or off piste.

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Originally Posted by Jimski View Post

Dawg and Bob,

Thanks!   How does the Titan compare to this year's Peak 78 (for which there may be good end-of-season deals in a couple months)?  You guys have my number from previous threads: I'm looking for skis for Eastern hardpack, but not just for all-groomed-all-the-time -- i.e., capable of busting through crud, doing bumps and moguls, and OK in trees.  One pair....

Thanks again.


KERS=kinetic energy recovery system

Most of these work via the brakes in autos/trucks, storing rotational energy as electricity. The KERS chip gives the ski an added dimension over the Peak78 and 2 personalities:


1. it absorbs vibration in the tips (great for bad knees), effectively acting like a semi-active suspension, when you initiate a turn. If you're gentle, the KERS energy won't fire you out of the turn and will "bleed" away.  

2. if you're a racer you can get a kick from the energy the KERS chip stored at turn initiation. As you move through the final phase of the turn the stiffer tail feel like an afterburner. The more you bend it at turn initiation, the stiffer the tail is for the final phase of the turn.


Maybe one of the coaches/instructors explained it better (I still have to catch up on this thread). I saw this in action at Whistler end of March. A friend spent a day on these instead of his Peak 78's and left the Peaks behind to get a pair of these new. He said he could really notice the KERS chip because of his bad knees. I'm really tempted too but I really want those Jimi110's for next year!


I can't remember what he said about the length, long/short. I'm 6', 190lbs and am on the 177cm Peak78. I found them a bit stiff in the bumps but I tend to avoid those for the most part. Off piste they're fine. 


I live in Toronto, do most of my skiing in the east (Ontario, Quebec, New York) but skied 10 days at Whistler this year. The Peak78 was great one-ski quiver this year. I was thinking to go for a carver for next year, maybe a set of slalom skis for icy days but 5 days on powder at Whistler is pushing me to the Jimi110. I WILL buy a pair of Peak88's this summer if I see some dirt cheap,  like the ski that much.


The Peak78 was fun in the powder too but I found I had to be perfectly balanced. I'd like the extra float so I can relax and have some fun - but that just means I am not good enough yet I guess .


If you think you can take advantage of the KERS  chip or have bad knees go with the iTitan. Else this year's Peak should do you fine.




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