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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sorry that I missed the gathering at Snowbasin this year - always look forward to that but this year I hooked up with some old High School Buddies in Mammoth from 2/4 through 2/8.
Landed a LAX at 0900 and was picked up by friends for the drive to Mammoth.  One guy I had not seen in 30 years!  Stopped at the In and Out Burger in Mohave (we don't have em here) and then deadheaded all the way without stopping.  Arrived at 3pm.  Went strait to Von's and bought $400 worth of groceries for the house.

The house ( owned by one of the guys) was right under the Village Gondola.  There was at least 8 feet of snow on either side of the driveway.  After a short Happy Hour at the house we went to Nevados for fillets and Top shelf Scotch.  Very good food and drink.

Up early on Friday and although a little fuzzy we were on the slopes by 9am. 

Great conditions but lousy weather.  It snowed all day and for the next 4 days actually.  Creamy goodness and really good in the trees.  The top was not open the whole time we were there.  It did finally open at 2pm on Superbowl Sunday.

Lines were filled but moved pretty fast and never had a problem with the amount of skiers on the slopes.  Skied Chair 22 most of the time due to the trees for vision and the snow in the Avy Chutes was some of the best on the mountain.

Saturday we went Snow mobiling in the Late afternoon.  Drove north on 395 for about 10 miles and then rode back to the Yodeler through the woods for a brandy.  We finished up in the dark and had a great time.

Watched the Superbowl at the big house under the gondola while a hired cooked made a feast.  Kettle One and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice - boy I could get used to this.  Woke up early on Monday for the roll back to LA and back home to God's country.

Mammoth is a great Mountain and the Eastern Sierras are really awesome.  We have been doing this trip every other year so I will most likely be back.  Pictures to follow if I can figure how to get them out of my phone!