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Dynastar Contact 4X4? 165 or 172 or something else?

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Hi All,

First time poster here, been devouring the posts on this site for all the great info... looking for new skis to upgrade from my 8 year old Salomon XScream 9's - 177cm.  I demoed a few skis - K2 Apache Crossfire 170cm, Blizzard Magnum 7.6 170cm, and Volkl Tigershark 161cm (they only had that size at the time, and I was feeling lazy).  I enjoyed the K2's, thought the Blizzard's were ok, and the Volkl's were of course a bit short, but easy to control coming from the 177's.

Reading all these posts, it sounds like the Dynastar Contact 4 X 4's might be the best ski for me - unfortunately have not been able to demo them, but wondering what your opinions are considering the length - I'm just a hair under 6' 0", weigh about 173 lbs, and according to Dynastar's site, the recommendation would be 184's, but I know from experience and reading through these that that's way off... it sounds like 172cm might be best for my height and weight, but I've been looking around, and found a pair of 172's with PX14 bindings on sale for 779, but also found a great deal on a pair of 165cm with the PX12 bindings for about 360 bucks less!  So... obvious question - how much of a difference would those 7cm's be??  The savings is obviously very significant, but I don't know if the 165's will feel too short. 

I think I'm an advanced skier (definitely not expert), can usually ski any of the blacks - except for the moguls, like the steep stuff, and ski a few times in the East (mostly Killington in Vermont) a year, with one 4 day trip out West each year. Altogether, I probably only get to ski about 9 days per season.   What do you think, will the 165's do?  Or should I look for another ski (trying not to spend much more than 500)  other skis I've considered have been Volkl Tigersharks, Blizzard Magnum 8.7 IQ, Rossignol Zenith Z15 Multix (not sure how good those interchangeable plates are)...to be honest - those picks were mostly because of the price range I've set, not sure if they're really good skis for me.

Thanks for reading!

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Hello mtnpool-welcome to Epic Forums. I also weigh 175lbs at 5'7" and would suggest the 172cm. I owned the 4x4 172  and sold it. Replaced it with the 09/10 Dynastar Contact Cross Ti 172cm. I enjoy the feel of the Cross Ti with it being a little softer, easier to bend, and easier to ski at slower speeds. I liked the 4x4s but they needed much higher speeds to come to life. Both skis have great edge grip carving on harder snow at high speeds. I personally found the 4x4s too demanding to ski hard for an entire day. The Tis have similar high end performance but I found they are more relaxing to ski. YMMV.
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 Thanks so much for the info JMD!  I'm looking at the Blizzard Magnum 8.7's now...
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