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Best resort from Denver for a short Sunday

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I am flying to Denver next Sunday (2/21) for business.  My plane lands @ 8:30 AM and I wish to ski Sunday. Considering traffic and expected lift lines where is my best bet?
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Believe Loveland and Eldora would be two closest bets to airport.  Both provide plenty fine skiing for a partial day. If you want max challenge and Rt 6 is open over Loveland Pass, then A-Basin is about 20mins past Loveland.  The three I mentioned are nice for quickie visits because parking, lodge, ticket windows, etc are all close at hand to maximize ski time. All three are also on low end of cost spectrum.
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Eldora is going to be the easiest drive.  Not the greatest resort though.

Loveland is great though traffic climbing up through Georgetown could be awful.  A-Basin is more like 10 minutes over the pass from Loveland.  So that is an option.

Winterpark would be the other spot.  You peel off at Empire on Highway 40 and generally the traffic isn't that bad on 40 going over Berthoud Pass. So if you are doing the I70 Poop show and traffic is nasty you may opt for Winterpark instead.
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I guess it depends on what you want.  The further east you go, the worse the snowpack is this year.  A Basin, Loveland, and Keystone are all hurting.  If you are hoping to get a big mountain experience, then I would skip those this weekend.

Eldora is a small resort with limited vertical, limited steeps, and generally hard snow.  It is convenient.

For an extra 20 minutes from Loveland (the tunnel), you can make it to Copper or Breck.  You should be able to make it by 11:30 given your arrival time.

I think it really depends on what you want.  Winter Park would be a good choice as well, although it is not my favorite mountain.  It will be shorter to access than the Summit County resorts, though.

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 If your content to ski only 1/2 a day I'd hit Loveland. It's close and is a great mountain. If you want to ski longer, I'd hope over the pass and hit Keystone and ski through the afternoon and into the night.
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Luckily, my plans have changed and I will be arriving Friday evening.  I need to bring my buddy back to the airport Sunday night.  I anticipate lots of traffic on I-70 going back to Denver.  What would be my expected drive times from Copper vs Winter Park trying to arrive in Denver by 6:30 PM. 
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I'd go for Copper vs. Winter park if you are pressed for time.  Berthoud Pass (to Winter Park) is a real scenic treat but if the weather is bad it can be icy and slow going.  You're correct on weekend traffic.  To make it to the airport and give youself plenty of time I wouldn't leave much after 1.  2 would be really pushing it and by 3 it will be too thick and you're likely to miss your plane.
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If it snows, a Sunday drive to DIA from Summit County (Copper, Breck, Keystone, A-basin) can take as long as 8 hours if you start at noon.  I've seen I70 be closed for the night at 5 p.m. by weather, starting at Frisco.

Good weather and starting by 1 p.m. Sunday can get you there in 2-2.5 hours if you're lucky.
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I would be grateful for any lodging advice for Copper and/or Winter Park
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