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Boring little scenic TR

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went for a little solo tour with the dogs,..

really nice little pow day actually...

got a ride a south facing line I rarely get in pow, let alone the sort of pow I feel good about riding solo...

here's some scenics from the day...



snowy tree...


wind and snow...


this ridge is my happy place...


and my partners for the day...



and old maddaroo


thanks for reading
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Very cool scenic TR.  Thanks for sharing
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Beautiful--where is that? around Mt. Rose?
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 thanks guys,

@SB77, yep, mt. rose highway.

sometimes I feel lame postin' some of these photos since most of my tours are around the same 3 peaks on hwy 431,

I keep meaning to get over to carson pass or desolation but thats two hours and incline peak (this tr) and other spots are less than a half hour away...

In the spring we tend to get out a little further...

'course, by that time we start heading down the east side
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 Doesn't look very lame to me.  Nice tour, good looking dogs, close to home, what more do you want?
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Great dog! that's the way to spend a day. 
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Not boring at all.  I always smile when I read your trip reports.

That just looks beautiful.
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Splitter....All I gotta do is see your screen name and I'm looking.!!

Always drop dead gorgeous.

Bring it.!!
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 I'm glad people enjoy the tr's.

I was beginning to think they were too repetitive.

But I like to fluff the tr forum on this site. and I can't help but post photos of the great days.
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 Holy moses you know how to share a trip report!
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You have a poet's eye and these are poster quality.     Thanks for sharing!
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