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Girlfriend needs new skis, guy from the dark side asking for help :D

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 Hey everyone!
So as the title says, my girlfriend is looking for new skis and we need some direction given that Im a snowboarder so theres only so far I can go with helping her. 

Anyways, she is about 5'3/5'4" and weighs about 100-105. Shes been skiing for 2 years now but is still very cautious. She had a pretty nasty accident one of her first times out and strained her ACL. That was 2 years ago but she still seems a little scared of speed and steepness. ( but thats a whole different thread right? ) As of now shes still on greens and peeking in at blues. Blacks are out of the story ATM.     On to the point.... shes been using 138cm Roxy skis the whole time and I feel that she needs an upgrade. We're going to TRY to demo some setups but I dont know how far that will go, so please any kind of advice or recommendations will be greatly appreciated. I also know her ideal size should be around 144, but would it be that bad to push it to about 148 or so?
These are some of the skis we were looking at 

Atomic Cloud 8 144cm
Elan Black Magic 146cm
Dynastar Exclusive Active 143cm

and then the ones shes really liking are (sucks that only this recent year has the new women specific technologies :/ )

Volkl Sol ( cant get because way too expensive and we cant find any big deals) sooo
Volkl Aire 142 or 148cm ( these really intrigue us, but we cant find any info on them really) 
Volkl Luna 144cm ( would get last years model but they dont have bio-logic tech)

And there is the issue of money as well. She does want to keep it as cheap as she can, and I by no means think overspending is a good idea (der) but I do understand from my own equipment getting good stuff up front is totally worth it. So if we can keep it at $400ish that would be grreat!

Waiting for responses. :D


P.S. We ride on the ice-coast but our "home mountain" despite living in NYC is Okemo in Vt. So something great for ice and crud is a must. 
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You can't beat the combination of quality and price on the 2008-2009 Fischer Vision Pure with Railflex at 150cm from O2 Gearshop (I've bought 4 pair of skis from them, excellent prices, quick delivery):


(if you had moved 2 weeks earlier, you could have gotten the '08-'09 Vision Vapor 150cm with bindings at O2 Gearshop for $289 (I just got these for my daughter; they have them in 150cm at EvoGear for $279 but that price seems to exclude bindings


and the ones they show with bindings are $429 and the shortest of these is 160cm)

Good luck!
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Well, from what I understand (not being from the dark side), whereas boots are only pretty important in snowboarding (with the bindings playing a significant role in transmitting the rider's intentions), the ski boot is pretty much the everything in skiing for which nothing else means that much if this critical interface isn't perfect.  I mean, skiers do only have one foot to control each giant-ass lever.

Did your GF get her boots fitted by a reputable (i.e. recommended) bootfitter?  (This is not just about sizing the boot, but about selecting a shell specific to the shape of her feet, making custom footbeds, adjusting/modifying the boots, and perhaps stance/balance evaluation.)

If not, it is probably best to do so before any further investment in new skis.
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 Assuming that you have your boots squared away, I'd recommend she demo if possible and try the Fischers, K2 One Luv, Volkl Luna and the like.......
There really are a lot of great intermediate skis out there that will help her get to the next level of skiing, but all have a different feel and she may find one that she likes more than another.
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 Well, no she never had her boots custom fitted but she definitely doesn't need new boots. Shes always telling me how comfortable and warm they are so thats taken care of. I believe she rides Dalbello. (sp?) 
Anyways, like I said I will try to have her demo something monday at windham IF they have something, but if we can't we're just going to buy blind online, so thats why I was hoping for some recommendations.

@skibowski --> I dont know if you noticed but I did clearly write shes only 100lbs and rides greens and some blues, so 150cm skis just seem like overkill. Correct me if Im wrong.

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Originally Posted by CupOfBrave View Post


She should stay away from those for now until she's more confident on Blue Squares.
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It's great that her boots are warm and comfortable, but that doesn't necessarily equate to giving good control. Beginner boots tend to be softer, which can mean more comfortable, but also means that your skis don't respond to small movements as well because some of those movements get lost in the flex. If she's always talking about how comfortable her boots are, it might be a hard sell, but I do think exploring boots may be worth doing. Does she get her skis waxed and tuned?

I don't have any useful advice for skis in her size and price range, I haven't researched or tried them or had any family members do so, I will say honestly it sounds like the bottleneck for her is less about equipment and more about lack of confidence or desire to go fast.
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If you were skiing on 138 cm Roxy skis, you would be very cautious too.

I advise you take out a twenty buck subscription to realskiers.com and have a look at their subscription-only reviews.
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Yeah, you're probably right. I've never used a Roxy ski or a ski that short, but 100lbs is pretty light as well.
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