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Log-in issue

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 Since migration to 2.7 I'm having difficulties logging into epic using Google Chrome ( and XP SP 3. I usually use Chrome since IE kills my computer (using a free laptop from the scrap bin with 256 RAM; IE causes it to hang), but I've been having difficulties logging in with Chrome. It automatically stores my password, but when I hit log in I'm redirected from the "General Skiing Discussion" (the page I have bookmarked) to http://www.epicski.com/home.php Only I'm still not logged in. Even if I delete the username and password and retype them the same thing happens. If I go in and delete epic from the list of websites with saved passwords and restart Chrome I can then log in. 
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That is definitely a strange one.  Would you mind trying to clear your cache on Chrome and giving it another try?  We're looking into see what might be going on.
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 I did and its working now, I'll keep you updated if it starts doing it again.
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 Stopped working again, had to delete my stored password again.
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