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lesson questions?

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I am headed to Utah in March and I am interested in taking some lessons to improve my skiing. I am staying in Brighton and plan on skiing there as well as Alta/Snowbird and probably a couple of other places. I will have a rental car to get to other places if you all recomend doing so. Here is a little background information. I have been skiing for about 8 years and I am currently thirty years old. I have been playing hockey since about age 9 so I picked up skiing very fast and fell in love with it from day one. I would consider myself an advanced agressive skier who logs between 15-20 days a year split between east and west skiing. I have never had a lesson and I want to take my skiing to the next level. What would you recomend for me to do? One should I take a group or a private lesson? Second how do I make sure I get into a lesson that challenges my ability? I have noticed a big price differnce between group and private lessons and I am wondering if it is worth it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Take a private.... If you can go to Deer Valley CM would be good - he is an AUSSIE EXAMINER....

I can give you his email if needed
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Dear Hound,

A single lesson is not likely to take your skiing to the next level. A week at a camp (like ESA) is more likely. Nonetheless a lesson or two could do wonders.

For groups, all the ski resorts in Salt Lake do a great job of getting you into the right lesson. If you're going mid week and taking an upper level lesson, you'll probably end up either by yourself or in a small group with a quality coach. Just to make sure, make a few warm up runs before the lesson so that you can ski your best and hardest if you need to do a ski off to determine what level to be in. If you tell them what you want, and can ski the talk, they'll give you what you need.

If you talk to people at the ski school desk or ski by the ski school meeting place at lesson times, you can get a good feel for how crowded the lessons are and how professional the pros are.

I'd recommend a group lesson on your second day to get the "big concepts" down, a practice day or two, then a private to do some fine tuning, then a day for fun and lock in. If you want to get to the next level on only 15-20 days year, you're better off spending the $$$ to help you get there.

There are a number of great pros who hang out here at Epicski. Randy (Ydnar) at Deer Valley comes highly recommended. Here's a thread listing other pros in the area.

Once you're in a lesson, make sure to tell your coach what you want to get out of the session. There are several different approaches you can take from the technical stuff, to the basics, to quick fixes, to developmental exercises, to laying out a complete road map of checking alignment, equipment, fitness, conditions du jour tactics, etc. in addition to specific technique refinements. Only you can know what will work best for you. Sometimes all you might need is an hour of "follow me".

If you're serious, bring pencil and paper to take notes. And a little extra cash in case your coach does get you to the next level.

Good luck!
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