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Bistro CV - My favorite Steamboat restaurant!

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A little different type of TR but it's a great place and it's during our trip..

Bistro's located on 4th and Lincoln, a very cool restaurant and bar.  They source their foods from local farmers and ranchers and get their seafood flown in literally the day it is caught in most cases.  The emphasis is on fresh, natural and organic ingredients,  The quality of the food is truly top notch, 5 star. The presentaions are exceptional and creative, the staff is attentive, personal and knowledgeable about the food being served that evening and the wine. They have an extensive wine list. Another great thing ther eis you can get excellent wines by the glass, not just house stuff or marginal wines.  It's ms Finn's favorite place and we always sit at the chefs table;  bar seating overlooking the front line of the ktichen.  If you are a foodie and appreciate some great wines (not all expensive) this is the place to go. Sitting at the bar watching "the show" is just great.  Amazing to watch them prepare everything. 

our favorites:
BLT- pork belly cooked for 48 hours, paired with lobster in a very light sauce- killer
Steelhead trout tartar wth radish
Elk loin

Here's the website:


Here's the BLT
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That BLT is making me very hungry.  For me, part of the skiing vacation experience is great food for dinner.  A sandwich or soup is fine for lunch, but I like a nice meal for dinner.  Eating at the bar of a nice restaurant and shooting the *** with bartender and guests after a day on the mountain is the right way to end it.

If I make it to Steamboat, I'll definitely try this spot.

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May have to give it try if we can get rid of the kids......looks fabulous!!
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Yeah, I dig this kind of TR!

Is the kitchen that open or did they let you into the back of the house for the pics?
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Originally Posted by bumpfreaq View Post

Yeah, I dig this kind of TR!

Is the kitchen that open or did they let you into the back of the house for the pics?

The kitchen is that open.  The chef's are very engaging and love to chat with patrons and those seated at the bar.  The meal was outstanding.
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Finn thanks for the TR on this place....my better half and I hit it up on Friday July 2nd and had on OUTSTANDING meal.  We will be back for more.  We took your advice and sat at the Chef's Bar...again...... spot on


Highly recommended!

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Very Cool!  I will be there with my much better half on Saturday.  Was Brian there? (vaughn)


Details, what did you have?

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Yes he was there...he recommended just about everything we ate.


We had




Tuna Tartare small plate with a fried quail egg over toast


Ramp Fettucine with some seared sous vide pork jowls


Main Course


Black Cod with endive and parmesan risotto

Wagyu Burger with foie gras and pickled onions


washed down with a couple of mojitos and then a really nice Grenache that escapes my memory right now

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very cool!  tartar there is excellent- was that the steak tartar?  Fettucine sounds too different to NOT try, hog jowls... gotta love that.


Cod thing  sounds good too.


I don't do foie gras....


Great wines, some very reasonable, but very good.


glad you enjoyed it.

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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

Here's the BLT


Good lord...do I eat this or have it framed  


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we ate at the Bistro with Ira last night. (ski-ra) had another great dining experience.  Salmon tartar was off the hook last night  Duck breast with a reduced maple syrup glaze that was incredible. Ira had the Elk with elk sausae and a fresh beet and goat cheese tower. the beets were sliced about 1/16th of an iche thin......Although I'm not a big dessert person we had a rum-butter sticky fig cake with home made ice cream, Ms. Finn had Bistro banana-split; home made chocolate peanut butter ice cream with a bourbon carmel and cherry whipped cream.... 

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